Landmark National Bank v. Kesler-MERS Decision

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  1. Liberty and Justice for all says:

    Well I think a little fancy fast footwork is called for here with MERS. Since MERS claims to have any interest in forclosing on my home, then all the fraud and forged signatures are the responsibility of MERS, am I correct? Then when I name the defendents in my Fraud law suite, I’ll put MERS at the top ring leader. You see MERS was never any part of my agreement I signed that was illegal in the beginning, but they put claim on it at the court house so they can avoid taxes and registration fees, which in itself is fraud. And second since my mortgage was never signed by my own signature, (Forged) and was not notorized in front of any Notary (forged Notary) again, and was done in the back room of a Real Estate office on a Sunday in August 5,2007 in which is fraud again and deceite, and was denied to cancel my contract when the RE agent came out with a Radon disclosure that was 2.0 and above at the last minet before I signed, and was in agreement that the owner would reemburse $1500 to have it fixed, but then told that they would take it off the rewritten contract due balance, but was not reembursed at all and my borrowed money showed the full amount of $51000. I have three lower amount TILA disclosures from three reworked agreements with the lowest borrowed amount at $48,500 which was the original that I signed, but later another TILA showed up with another higher amount, then when they tried to cover that up the produced another with lower interest, but at the $51000 borrowed amount that they forged. So a lot of people are going down when I get started filing, including big name RE, and Lenders, and appraisors. See you all in court scum. I say if MERS wants to be included in this fraud the Banks made up and still committing, then I say let’s do it, and name them prime targets. My accusations are all documented and researched by myself because the Lawyers here are just another bunch of chickens and not willin g to defend the people, and are all for the governments and big banks. So research all your documents carefully and find as many loopholes they used to defraud you, and sue all of them for fraud under the UCC codes wich they cant hide from. TILA and such are Ok defences but the UCC has better bite, and can even help when TILA and the others can’t, because they were set up weighing heavely for the Bankers. The UCC has more to do with contracts then foreclosures so when you defend your rights under contract fraud, they can’t follow up with excuses that you have not paid your mortgage for months as a defence to foreclosure, and they have to fight the fraud charges that were not expected at the court foreclosure hearing. The best defence is to show fraud as far as the original contract shows, all the fraud that could be there but you did not look for that defence, but instead you were looking for ways to show reason for not paying your mortgage. This is not a strong defence to be fighting. If you truly feel you were defrauded then get out there and find all the proof, by sending all the actors a qualified written request, and then look up your TILA and UCC codes and write down the code applying to your case and stateing them in court, preferably before foreclosure, and without a Lawyer, because the Lawyers don’t know squat about the new RE frauds that are just now comming out. SO DEFEND YOURSELF AND BE CONFIDANT AND SURE… Were AMERICANS DAMN IT! AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

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