MERS Tracking Loans Through a Firm That Holds Millions

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  1. Jeff Jackson says:

    Maryland residents, if you’re having trouble with Capital One please email me to compare notes:

  2. Sonya says:

    GEORGIA RESIDENTS: If you are having problems with Bank of America & BAC please contact me & lets compare notes.

    I am being foreclosed on even though I am not behind on my payments. I didn’t even do their home modification scam!!! I know there has got to be more than just me out there!!!!

  3. Louis and Marguerite Taxner says:

    We bought our house for $346,900 in 2006, with a $ 100,000 downpeyment. our mortgage program is a Neg-Am. In 2007, We refinanced the house hoping we can come out of the neg-am, but could not because of the high mortgage, so we had to stay in neg-am. Today the balance is $310,000. The Assesed value is 142,000 and the market value is about $ 80-100,000. We last our jobs (my husband was in an acsident..) and we had difficult time to pay the mortgage. We are renting out rooms which is the immediate help to go on somehow!
    since Sept. 2009 we were forced to not to pay our mortgage. Wachovia bank sad when we still were paying the mortgage that we do not have any solution. since we cannot pay in this difficult time, they try to communicate with us. It has been going for a long time and we just going around- they requesting statements-other documents again and again, starting the modification again and again. We feel like we going nowhere or the jast want to take away our house, foreclosure it.
    We came across with a company who says ” Banks sell the notes so many times and it is a fraud”. They would charge us $ 5000 at first to put the bank to Audit and discharge the title immediatly and get $ 1,000,000 because the bank made so much mony since we bought it. It sounds very good, even helf of it to get back.
    We do not have that much money since we do not have jobs, what we can generate is very minimum. Our question is: where can we go for legal advice to get prove that oue bank sold the notes? What do we have to do to Audit the bank? Are we gong to lose our house in foreclosure? We see people live in their vens becausethey last their houses! We hear that banks do not want to modify because they make lots of money on the houses. But this way banks put this country in Bankrupcy! And so much people to suffer!
    We hope we can come out of this pit! We hope that our doughter will have a home when she grows up!
    Thank you for your understandig and time. God bless You!
    Louis and Marguerite

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