US Bank v Ibanez Memo of Decision Denying US Bank MERS

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  1. ironfist1972 says:

    its all a crock. Mass Judges are calling them out. It is happening right now to my mom. My stepdad, diagnosed with scerosis in 2004, was conned by a broker from countrywide in 2005, after his transplant, that he couls afford a 340 grand mortgage.How many liver transplant patients you ever hear of makig a full recovery,going back to his blue collar job, My mom said no, but for some strange reason, somebody forged her name. Billy passed 12/2007,Now, a few years later, my mom, diagnosed with lupus, is being harrassed and threatened by BOA. these people have no idea, the tenacity that flows in me, I see things to the end. If my mom, gets any sicker, if BOA, or whoever else conned my mom, and DEAD stepdad, think that Im ever going to back down, they do not know s$%t. I will see this thru to the very end, until i spit my last breath, so GOD as my witness, if my mother passes, becouse of the undue stress, torment, and heartache she has endure these last few years, I AM COMING FOR YOU, AND i AM BRINGING HELL WITH ME.

  2. Scotty Simpson says:

    I have a MERS problem, my hometown bank assigned my mortgage and note to MERS and then when 10 day bewfore I was served a Summons MERS assigned my mortgagte and note to Sun Trust Mortgage and we have several letters from fannie Mae stating they are the owners of our mortgage. Who owns our Mortgage and Note? We need help contact us at Thanks, Scott Simpson

  3. Another case of banks getting too arrogant and thinking they can foreclose on people without proof that the mortgages were assigned up to the trust like the pooling and servicing agreement says was to be done. Amazing. We need more judges calling them out and holding them to their own rules. Steve Vondran, Arizona and California Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Defense Lawyer.

  4. bill taylor says:

    They foreclosed on me in april but im still in the condo awaiting evic trial

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