Defective Paperwork Strips Mortgage Holder of Foreclosure Rights NO. 09-CV-10988-PBS




A Massachusetts federal judge has upheld a bankruptcy court ruling allowing a trustee to treat a mortgage as an unsecured claim, which strips the mortgage holder of foreclosure rights, because of defective mortgage paperwork.


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6 Responses to “Defective Paperwork Strips Mortgage Holder of Foreclosure Rights NO. 09-CV-10988-PBS”
  1. Ron Moss says:

    My matheamatical skills are a little shy maybe you can tell me how do I measure time value and punitive for
    billionaires If I am 80 now and I don’t get to court for another 10 years And punitive damages to asure that the criminal never wants to return to the scene of the crime would be three billion now. How much should it be in ten years? Will I still be alive or should I include that in my will to my 26 year old girlfriend and my seven kids? ten times punitive now and the court agrees to my request to peirce the corporate veil that means George Soros can qualify for food stamps after the ten year penalty period. Right this higher math is just too much for me and my eighth grade

  2. M.Payne says:


  3. Rich Engle says:

    Please enter my subscription.

  4. Ron Moss says:

    I am the victim of well planned out predatory lending exercised and executed sucker fraud by MortgageIt and Indymac. need class action lawyers to progress.

  5. Bruce Selin says:

    Perhaps this will ultimately lead to “rolling up” the obvious culpability and commensurate liability to where it truly belongs-the schmucks on Wall Street who devised these weapons of mass financial destruction- the MBSs, CDSs, etc. Keep up the good work. Bruce @ http://www.everettshortsaleblog Balancing the Scales for Homeowners

    • Lisa OHanlon says:

      Judge worked for American Family who was involved in forced placed insurance over my property while she was the lead attorney. Documents ignored, no counsel, complete and total denial of due process. We have to be out by 4:30 and there is no way we can even do it.

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