“Pretender Lender” IndyMac Defies Court Order in Yano-Horoski Case!!!

Indy Mac claims $474,936.78 still is owed two weeks after Justice Jeffrey Spinner ordered the mortgage canceled.

Source: Judge orders parties back to court in mortgage case (requires paid subscription to Newsday)

Fri 11 Dec 2009

The state Supreme Court justice who last month lashed out at a bank’s dealings with an East Patchogue family facing foreclosure and canceled the mortgage on the home has ordered the bank and the homeowners back to court, records show.

Justice Jeffrey Spinner wants the parties to return to discuss a recent letter from IndyMac Mortgage Services that says $474,936.78 still is owed, according to legal documents obtained by Newsday.

Spinner’s unusual decision to cancel the mortgage generated much attention. His ruling said the lender – a division of OneWest Bank, FSB – was “harsh, repugnant, shocking and repulsive”” in proceedings where the homeowners attempted to work out a loan modification.

This week, Spinner ordered that a conference be held Dec. 18 in Riverhead to explore “at length” the bank’s letter, which was dated two weeks after his initial ruling…


5 Responses to ““Pretender Lender” IndyMac Defies Court Order in Yano-Horoski Case!!!”
  1. IndyMac is again in the news. This time, they refuse to work with a wonderful 501c3 animal rescue group, Katie’s Critters, run out of the home of the Culkiun family. Despite multiple attempts at negotiation, stories in the press (Newsday and Channel 12 Long Island), they will not budge. After hearing their story, I immediately volunteered and tried working with them-again, just as in the Indymac v. Yano-Horoski case, they are exhibiting the same “opprobrious demeanor”. Their multiple mortgage to damages ratio is even worse in the Katie’s Critters case, asking for over $300K on a mortgage that was under $90K!!! So, they still have not learned a lesson. What punitive damages amount will it take-$20 milllion, $50 million?

  2. Lisa E. says:

    IndyMac has some balls, sending that letter.

    I hope they get smacked down hard AGAIN by the HONORABLE Judge Spinner.

    Can’t wait to see your post after the conference this Friday!

    Lisa E.

  3. Raja says:

    I am dealing with the same bank since last two years as Pro Se. The same Erica A Johnson Seck is signing these false papers. I will fight and by the grace of Almighty God will succeed. I am in Virginia and Judges over here are pro lender.

  4. Raja says:

    A thief and impostor who was in the bed with the regulators. I salute this judge and pray that other judges must follow him. This mess was created by these fraudulent banks and their attorneys who are acting as a vehicle (supersonic) in this fraud.

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