“Trashed Out” Another Person Claims Theft in Foreclosure Mistake

HENDERSON, Nv. — Imagine coming home and finding out your key no longer works and some of the things in your house are gone. That’s what one Henderson man says happen to him, and like other reports in recent days, the homeowner says it’s because of a mix up by a real estate agent securing a foreclosed home.

Vincent Marrero called 8 News Now after watching reports of a foreclosure mix-up. He says the very same thing happened to him, but the good news in his case is not everything was taken.

“It was violating because they broke into the unit illegally and took things that they claim they didn’t,” he said.

His ordeal started nearly two weeks ago when got a letter with a set of keys at his primary residence. “It was from a real estate agent in Las Vegas claiming she came to secure a foreclosed unit and by mistake secured my unit,” he said.

A letter from the agent to Marrero admits the mistake, explaining the error in unit numbers. But it also states everything inside the condo should be intact, but that’s not what Marrero found when he arrived home. “I came into the dining room area, I could not believe that the dining room table and three of the four chairs were missing,” he said.

More than that, Marrero says dishes and DVD’s were missing, among other things. “Took a quick peek around and noticed that the guest TV was missing from the nightstand,” he said. “Mortifying to come home to your unit and find that you’re locked out of it and some of you stuff is missing,” he said.

In a filed police report, the real estate agent’s son and the locksmith claim they didn’t take anything. Both were at the home during changing the locks.

“The lights are on, the TV is serviced, it’s fully furnished. How do you make a mistake like that when typically a foreclosure is vacant unit,” said Marrero.

He’s now looking to recoup the cost of what all was stolen. “They need to be held accountable because they are violating families and your property and it’s unacceptable,” he said.

Marrero says he is talking with his attorney and has spoken to the real estate agent. He says the agent said they would only pay for the repair to the door because of the re-key, but claims nothing was taken.

The agent hung up on 8 News Now when we tried to contact her. We called back and left a message, but did not get a call back.

Police say this case is pretty much closed and charges will not be filed. Police say that’s because there wasn’t enough probable cause. But also believe this is now a civil matter.

Source: LasVegasNow


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  1. Doesn’t seem that long ago that I was a mortgage broker. In my “new life” of private investigations, seems as though I’m on the other side of the shady-ness of mortgage lending. Although I never did anything unethical, I saw some things that were crazy. Regardless, these loans (sub-prime) got way out of hand, specifically I mean the no-doc loans, based merely on score. Some of these folks had new excellent credit and were given the moon and the stars.

  2. Greg Scott says:

    This is all only my opinion of course, and we don’t have a lot of information since the real estate agent doesn’t seem to be cooperating, but the article says that the Police “believe this is now a civil case.” That’s a good example of why I never get legal advice from a cop. It’s a civil case all right AND obviously a criminal case. Maybe the original B&E was without criminal intent, but the thefts definitely were not.

    The real estate agent claims she only came to “secure the unit” but maybe she should look up the definition of the word “secure”. She and her son are very lucky that the homeowner did not come home early and catch them in the act. This homeowner now needs to employ a Nevada Licensed Private Investigator and an experienced Attorney in attack mode.

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