Summary Judgement Reversed 2nd DCA Florida Verizzo v Bank of NY

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  1. David Verizzo says:

    The District Court of Appeal, 2nd District of Florida, is AWESOME. Talk about a “hot” court… a litigant couldn’t ask a court to be better prepared/ mor familiar with their cases at oral argument. AND know and apply the law!

    Immediately prior to oral argument, I offered opposing counsel (Law Offices of Marshall C. Watson) the opportunity to confess error, but the offer was laughed at. When the judge who authored this opinion (the Honorable Morris Silberman) asked her – after 10 minutes of difficult questions to her – “If we were to write an opinion affirming the judgment, what would we say? You write it for us.” cousel put her head down and said “Reversed and remended.”

    Although not discussed in the opinion, at oral argument the court (the Honorable James Whatley) expressed consternation that the case had been filed by an entity that didn’t exist at the time of filing (due to merger.) The same judge also commented to the effect that he thought that MERS was a fiction.

    Florida is known for having “hot” courts (courts familiar with the case) for oral argument. This 2nd DCA panel was unbelievably familiar with all of its cases. Their preparedness made me proud of their part in the system.

  2. brian davies says:

    Awesome news. The court will reject documents if not filed correctly. However, when it comes to $500,000 note it is no problem to do whatever the bank wants.

    This country is ready to revolt on this behavior.

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