More Damage from Docx – Linda Green VP Saxon Lost Assignment Affidavit

Out of all the different signatures we have seen from Linda Green you would think the one below would match at least one of them… Not that I can tell… Guess I never thought that there could be dozens of people named Linda Green that works at Docx… Nah, probably not… Oh, and one more … Read more

Matt Taibbi – Santelli on Predatory Lending: You can’t cheat an honest man…

Matt Taibbi Taibblog   Look at about the 5-minute mark of this video — Janet Tavakoli debating Rick Santelli about predatory lending. You basically have a whole panel of CNBC goons pooh-poohing the idea that predatory lending took place, setting up the inevitable revisionist history that the 2008 crash was caused by individual homeowners borrowing … Read more

Fidelity’s (LPS) Secret Deals with Mortgage Companies and Law Firms

Harris v. Fidelity National Information Services (In re Harris), Case No. 03-44826-H4-13 Via Credit Slips 2008 Last week, (January 2008) a class action lawsuit (Harris v. Fidelity National) was filed against Fidelity National Information Services,(LPS) a huge player in the billion dollar world of mortgage servicing. “What? I’ve never heard of them,” you say. Fidelity … Read more