ALERT – Warrant Issued For Arrest of Foreclosure Defense Attorney Matthew Weidner In a Foreclosure Case

By Matthew Weidner

On March 1, 2010 a warrant for my arrest was signed by a Pinellas County Judge.  The warrant was signed based on an affidavit of probable cause that was signed by an officer of the private company that the Pinellas County Sheriff’s office has contracted to process all their probable cause affidavits and arrest warrants.  For hundreds of years, only actual deputized officers of the Sheriff’s office signed these affidavits and they were kept within the Pinellas County courts, but that process was recently contracted out to a private company.

When I appeared before the judge, I reviewed the affidavit and it was clear that whomever signed the affidavit got the facts all wrong.  I’m 175 pounds, not 204.  I’ve got brown hair, not white hair.  I’ve got blue eyes, not brown eyes. And most importantly, I couldn’t have committed the serious felony crime the affidavit accused me of because I wasn’t even born yet on the date the affidavit said I committed the crime.  When I appeared before the judge and pointed all this out her response was astonishing…while she admitted that the affidavit was totally wrong and that it was clear from its face that I could not have committed the crime, she told me, “The prosecutor admits that the affidavit is wrong and while you may not have committed this specific crime, the affidavit says you committed a crime.  The prosecutor assures me that they believe you’ve committed a crime even if it’s not the crime that I’m going to sign this arrest warrant for and that’s enough information for me.

The judge signed the arrest warrant even though she knew and the prosecutors admitted that the facts in the affidavit did not support my arrest.

There were hundreds of attorneys in the courtroom who had clients that were being arrested on precisely the same obviously wrong set of facts, but they could do nothing.  The facts were all wrong, the files were all wrong, but the warrants were signed.  If this weren’t bad enough, I thought about the thousands of files on the judge’s bench where no attorney were present.  She was so busy and those accused had no attorney to challenge the facts in the affidavit, so the judge just signed thousands of those cases every single day.

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8 Responses to “ALERT – Warrant Issued For Arrest of Foreclosure Defense Attorney Matthew Weidner In a Foreclosure Case”
  1. Ron Moss says:

    Idaho sounds more safe from fraudulent foreclosures

  2. ian sopko says:

    Hi Matt- have read your blog for some time now, but did not see this arrest warrant until 1 minute ago. I like your heartfelt adherence to the law. What can I do? Make a contribution to your website? Let me know. Sincerely, Ian Sopko

  3. Willow says:

    All causes have effects and all effects have causes. We have laws for a reason but the biggest reason is to prevent “self-help” and to keep our society from falling into chaos and anarchy. Apparently, these Judges either don’t care or are in on the game. Therefore, all bets are off. If these jurists do not, can not or will not, adhere to the Rule of Law, why should we? If people can not redress their grievances and expect the fair administration of justice, then there IS NO justice. Without the fair administration of justice the people will lose faith in their government and the leadership’s ability to govern. As trust erodes, suspicion mounts and corruption continues unabated, you have an absolute guarantee of civil unrest. Trust, thus, is paramount to a functioning government.

    And therein lies the true beast. From civil unrest springs swift retribution from government. From swift retribution springs civil war and revolution. Democracy disintegrates leaving a vacuum for totalitarian takeover. Within a totalitarian takeover springs resistance movements, black markets and criminal activity. The net result is chaos.

    History has a way of repeating itself. It is also instructive. The usual response to internal unrest is a far-flung war to keep citizens distracted and to siphon-off all able-bodied men from the internal disruption to the external threat. It follows a pattern so predictable as to almost seem clairvoyant. Thus, it may be argued that what we are experiencing now is by design. There are forces at work both seen and unseen. Decision and choices being made, actions being taken. Insidiously and incrementally but nonetheless apparent in the effects we observe and experience.

    Jesus, that notorious action figure that has captured the imagination of so many, once said, ” you will know them by their fruit. A good tree bears good fruit and a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree can not bear bad fruit and a bad tree can not bear good fruit”. Wisely stated. And, as applied here, the Judge in this situation is nothing less than bad fruit and will NEVER produce anything good. This little wise gem applies to all in leadership positions. Thus, ignore what they say and simply watch what they do. And right now we’ve got a bunker harvest of BAD FRUIT! Completely rotten to the core.

    The criminals are running the asylum and it is only a matter of time before the whole thing unravels. Be prepared.

  4. Suzi says:

    I had an attorney file a foreclosure action against me for $1000. When I paid it they slapped $3600 in attorney fees and costs on my statement. I asked them a zillion times for the assignment and would not produce it. I filed a complaint with the Florida bar and the bitch was very unhappy. Even if the bar doesn’t go after them they will at least think about what the hell they are doing and know how it has affects your life.

  5. Whippy says:

    The DA & Judge are regular drinking buddes! Ofcourse she allowed the warrant to proceed!! Weidner is getting what regular people get in a FLORIDA COURT! A raw deal.

    This judge needs to be voted out of office in Florida! Vote in new people who are not corrupt! The whole court system in Florida is filled a Orgy of Corrupt Judges.

  6. Raja says:

    Mr. Matthew W. & Mr. Greg C,
    We all are with you. Have you gone through the power point presentation which I have sent you. Need your comments on this.

    thanks and Be Safe

  7. Attention to Mr. Matthew W. & Mr. Greg C.: OUR OPINION IS: You are very brave to post & We were also concerned about others we have discovered that went through the Foreclosure Process by: The Law Offices of David J. Stern & their counterparts = Default Law Group are all over the Internet …others have exposed many of their Secrets deemed “Illegal?” by the ones were combatting them. There was one YOU TUBE video exposing Mr. Stern in a case with some Judge Dale Ross??? It was SCARY!!! Default Law Group is being Class Action Sued by some law firm out of Miami. Why are these lawyers/law firms getting away with so many LIES, so much FRAUD??? You go after these bad guys and gals so that others may be spared from their wrath by giving some LIES on papers to the Courts/Judges but why does this happen? There was even a Lawyer (Mr. Ice ?) who gave a deposition to Mr. Stern’s staff Lawyer = Cheryl Sammons (she failed miserably in that Depo! We read it on the internet! We pray for all Victims of David J. Stern and Default Law Group! Why aren’t these lawyers DISBARRED??? There are so many secrets exposed by others, we actually constructed a very long list and had a free consultation with an attorney (after it happened to our friends) & that attorney was shocked that Nobody was disbarred until the atty. noticed the name: Mr. David J. Stern and exclaimed, Mr. Stern acts like he is: “Untouchable” and others fear him! WHY? We asked.
    Even GMAC Mortgage L.L.C. was written about that since they took the Bail-Out funds that they are not allowed to Foreclose unless they PROOVE it not just in COURT but to the Government since they took the $$$$$$$$ from the American People. We are in SHOCK!!!

  8. Teresa says:

    Great post and not that shocking actually. With the courts today and all the crap going on it wouldn’t surprise me if my grandma who’s in a nursing home was arrested for lending fraud.

    Love your blog will continue to follow.

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