Are the Perps Startin to Roll Over on their Masters? Stopping A Defective Title Wave With A Coupla Outstretched Helping Hands

From Foreclosure Hamlet

Folks, gather ’round ’cause you’re ’bout to hear a tale o’ turned tails.

In early February, a small cohort of colleagues discovered 12 BOGUS mortgage assignments across the state of Florida.

Within days, this group found another 20+ BOGUS mortgage assignments across our once-great, once-honorable USA.

These “Black Deeds”, collectively, are proof that the notaries, witnesses, and signatories on each and every like assignment of mortgage is suspect at best; created as purely fabricated malarkey at worst. Professionals are starting to surmise that all of these mortgage assignments magically produced, presto-chango, to ram another foreclosure through “the system” are not credible evidence upon which the transfer of property, dispensation of justice, and the roof over a family’s head should rest.

Oh, Oh! Oh, where is my mind? One of that fraud excavating group unearthed mortgage assignments transferring property effective 09/09/9999. Now that’s some neat trick, wouldn’cha say?

And, then, here ya’ go: another colleague found a mortgage assignment back-dated four years in order to assign property two years hence. Being no math whiz, would someone please clarify if that is a net back-dating of two years? Perhaps it’s a cumulative formula, adding the 4 years to 2 years, makes the “off dating” 6 years? I dunno! How’s that really work? Sounds like an episode of Beat The Clock!

This is no mere document failure! Please. Call it what it is: foreclosures upon millions of families, evicted from their homes by financial entities with no more rights to take those homes than have you or I. When faced with this fact, the financial entities are creating, fabricating (aka MAKING UP) the “evidence” to prove that they have the right to take a family’s home and throw them with all their worldly possessions into the street! Where are the investors who really put up the money for these home loans? They must be singing the blues to see some interloper foreclose a million times over and keep the proceeds from the post-foreclosure sale. Welcome to America! Waive to the Statue of Liberty on your way in. Breathe in that democratic process air we’ve prided ourselves on for lo these 233 years.

There are millions upon millions of families being evicted onto the streets, many with no alternative housing options. It’s not so easy to find a job in the best of circumstances today. Ever tried to find and/or hold down a job without a fixed address? How ’bout the children, in the middle of their school year? What about the beloved pets of foreclosure, fully members of the newly homeless family? Ever tried to find emergency shelter or housing with a deeply loved animal or two? What of the elderly who do not have the remaining lifespan to recover from the terrible financial and personal blow and may face their remaining “golden years” begging for scarce, dwindling social-net resources. What of the disabled, those of us living in America who, without dramatic rescue, are too ill and infirm to ever hope to again live independently under cover.

I may or may not return here to add more…………I’m too distraught to continue writing of my country’s egregious willful complicity in these relentless evictions and property confiscation. My heart and soul start to rupture past the point of repair when I think of how America is treating it’s citizenry, including the weakest of us all; based on a million-fold fraudulent transactions from mortgage origination well past post-foreclosure sale.

Let’s move on in a more wickedly delicious track, shall we?

Two unrelated, remorseful individuals have come forward, whispering to us colleagues with tales of the inner workings and “business practices” of document creation “mills” which may or may not be operating under the direction of foreclosure mill law firm. Permission from the parties has been extracted to publish this post.

Apparently, that same fear, hopelessness, and rage which descend upon one who is evicted from the only home they know to face a bleak and uncertain future……….. Yes, THAT fear, hopelessness and rage! Well, that same emotional response seems to have hit hard on a few past and/or current employees of certain companies which may have been involved in dubious, questionable “business practices”.

A crisis of conscience? Fear of criminal charges? Facing foreclosure themselves? Relative evicted? Family member tenet unexpectedly “trashed out”? Seeing the futility of working out a loan mod? One of the signatories (or employers thereof) who frantically googles the same names over and over and over in a mad search for what is known, what is published?

Perhaps they are somehow, someway involved in the stories and references featured here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, or here? Maybe they signed something that was reviewed by a justice-minded judge?

Could it be one or more of these signatories, while working for a “document solutions” company, have been “transferring property and assets” valued in the multi-billions and ostensibly owned by the top financial institutions in the world? Ron Mehig? Bethany Hood? Linda Green? From New House Title? Cheryl Hodge? Korrell Harp? From Law Offices of David Stern? Scott Anderson? Lori Brown? Barbara Hindman? Lori Brown? Whitney K. Cook? Melissa Flanagan? Lillana Morcan? Liquenda Allotey? Christina Trowbridge? Raquel Smith? Branden Kiel? Beth Cottrell? Twanna Thomas? From DocX? Shelly Sheffey? Winona Church? Nancy Reyes? William W. Huffman? Jill Arnold? Shameca Harrison? Kari Marx? Renee Hertzler? Mark Biscof? From LPS? Lorraine Brown?

Who knows? I’m not one to force another to reveal their personal motivations. I enjoy the privacy afforded me by the hard bones of my skull. I often keep my thoughts to myself and extend to others the same respect.

Foreclosure Hamlet

If anyone else has “insider” information to share, just shoot me an email at

Who knows, maybe they will go easy on you if you do…


13 Responses to “Are the Perps Startin to Roll Over on their Masters? Stopping A Defective Title Wave With A Coupla Outstretched Helping Hands”
  1. Michael says:

    Brandy – Call a probate lawyer as soon as possible. Literally don’t let a moment more go by. Many will be able to figure out how to get paid by an estate so even if you have no money call one anyway. This doesn’t sound like a real-estate issue specifically but a more broad potential elder abuse issue. It’s common here in South Florida and I can guarantee that if somebody is going after her house they will, or already have, gone after plenty more.

    Maybe one thing that will come out of this mess is the reestablishment of meaningful consumer protection laws in this country.

  2. Brandy Bryant says:

    Could someone please help me out. My mother-in-law was just a victim of undue influence on April 15, 2010 where she was taken to the law office of Cheryl G. Anderson. She owns her home in a very affluent area in Monte Sereno Ca. I am very concerned since now my sister-in-law has drained her bank accounts and there is some speculation on whom Ms. Anderson was acctually working for, my sister-in-law or my mother-in-law. I have worked in real estate myself and I don’t like what I see happening. Ms. Anderson is posing as a estate planner. Please help

  3. FkoridaCITIgirl says:

    I’m Interested in the fraudulent assignment as it relates to the Kansas Supreme court ruling. The bank who filed a assignment in local court records prevailed.

    Well in my case we fought the foreclosure..and won sorta …Citi filed, who by the way doesn’t own my loan (said in pleading they did)just the servicer. But Florida passed a mandatory mediation law. Citi said no you don’t qualify for any of the xyz- mod’s and we are not offering anything to you at mediation.

    Three days later we get a call from Fannie saying we are going to modify your loan but we have to wait until the mediator files the notice of IMPASS to the court.

    I believe this was a “loophole” if you will in the Fannie/Servicer (Citi) agreement that there wasn’t a contingency for that allowed Fannie to contact us.

    Citi’s lawyers after the mediation filed a Assignment from Mers to Citi. With out notice to my Attorney of record or the court. And it states in the Assignment that it was being filed prior to any pending litigation when it was 4 months into the lawsuit! (Citi’s Atty Shapiro & Fishman ..)

    So according to Kansas Supreme court Ruling did Citi just defraud Fannie Technically ?

    My new Modification came back Mers/Citi as Mortgage Holders and so I went to the Fannie site and THEY still own my loan.

    What I want to know is it possible to bring a suit to separate my home from the loan. Another words make it a unsecured loan as they no longer can show clear title.

    Citi as Servicers are snakes they actually mailed my mod agreement with cover letter both dated the 22 nd of the month. With notice that it had to be returned BY THE 8th. They sat on it for a month and didn’t mail out untill 2 weeks after it was due ! Thankfully I have good representation I don’t know how people do it with out it.

  4. There are more & more FRAUD documents than ever before! Especially with the names, Eric Tate, Bethany Hood, Mary Ladd, Linda Green & more…… incorporating FRAUD elements utilizing Law Offices of David J. Stern, Rothman & Tobin, Shapiro & Fishman, Default Law Group PL, Duetsche Bank, GMAC Mortgage, LLC, IndyMac, & MR. STERN, himself who proudly displays: This instrument is PERSONALLY prepared by: David J. Stern Esquire… WOW! What a racket, to collect THREE times from the Mortgage Corp. or the Bank, for one single charge = How does the work? Does that spell F R A U D ???
    We are praying for all VICTIMS of David J. Stern & others!

  5. Two ongoing investigations need your help!

    Researchers at Fraud Digest call for emailed assignments of mortgage signed by certain individuals. Knowledge = Power!

    Matt Weidner, Esq. Another call to action! “GET ME BOGUS ASSIGNMENTS AND AFFIDAVITS”

  6. CALL FOR MORTGAGE ASSIGNMENTS & AFFIDAVITS by the Researchers at Fraud Digest

    Action Date: March 12, 2010

    Researchers at Fraud Digest are comparing the job titles on Mortgage Assignments and Affidavits of the individuals listed below.

    If you have any Mortgage Assignment or Affidavit in Support of Summary Judgment in a Foreclosure action signed by any of the following individuals, please scan the document(s) and send it as a pdf. attachment to This request is for research regarding mortgage-related documents.

    The individuals named below are not accused of wrong-doing or fraudulent activity: Christina Allen; Scott Anderson; Brent Bagley; China Brown; Eric Friedman; Linda Green; Ely Harless; Korell Harp; Laura Hescott; Erica Johnson-Seck; Dennis Kirkpatrick; Topako Love; Jessica Ohde; Shelly Scheffey; Keri Selman; Kathy Smith; Roger Stout; Eric Tate; Tywanna Thomas; Linda Thoresen.


  7. Go to & look up Stern, & go to LivingLies & look up stern, plus, Bethany Hood is all over the internet lately as FRAUD, even now on a You Tube video by some man who went to Court already & against Mr. Stern with Judge Ross, boy was he chatting about the FRAUD & more to the Judge in Court, he states on his video…

    God Bless all Victims…

  8. Lisa D. says:

    I hope it’s Scott Anderson that’s ‘Starting to Roll Over’???

  9. PJ says:

    I agree with R. Kessler, and pray that people can do what ever it takes to hold on until this all implodes.Which will be in the very near future.

    I also recommend a weekly visit to the county clerks office to review your files is important,and upon first visit have the employee print out your records, do not do it your self, then obtain a receipt for obtained copies and have everything stamped/embossed with the clerks seal.Also look up your mortgage @ MER’s, it will be yes or no if it is registered with them, PRINT PAGE and keep in your files, make sure the time, date and web site appears on the print out,If not e-mail the page to yourself and print.

    This is one of the simplest things a pro active homeowner can do TODAY. It will help prove if there is an assignment “after the fact” to MERS or any other fabricated “party of interest”

    Also as far as tracking the ignorant & liable individuals that have been part and party to this fraud, intelligent people reading this blog know where to look for “employment” information. Lets leave it at that. Vanity runs amok with theses people. I have found one individual, with legal professional responsibilities by state statutes self proclaim that they are a “paper pusher” with at least ONE entity they supposedly work for. HUMMMM that will be interesting to present that in a court of law.

  10. smallz says:

    For the sake of accuracy, I’ve never seen a fraudulent Deed or fabricated Mortgage Assignment that Wasn’t on a White sheet of paper. Perhaps this is why forclosure fraud is classified as a ‘White Collar Crime’.

  11. Michael says:

    Carol — one of the best insights to what’s going on, and I suspect a soon-to-be source of lots of visibility, is Stern’s new public company DJSP.

    My favorite quote from Stern’s SEC filing:

    “Although we are not aware of any ruling or interpretation of laws, regulations or other applicable standards that would result in the operations that DJS LLC will perform being considered the practice of law, we cannot say with certainty that no existing law, regulation or standard will be interpreted to produce that result, or that a new law, regulation or standard leading to that result will not be adopted in the future. In addition, all states and the American Bar Association prohibit attorneys from sharing fees for legal services with non-attorneys, so that if any aspect of our business is deemed to constitute the practice of law, it would not be possible for DJS LLC, PTA LLC or DSI LLC to perform those services.”

    Here’s a link to that:

    And a link to the entire list; mandatory reading for any foreclosure defense lawyer:

  12. You got that right. Each one of the falsely recorded documents is itself a ticking time bomb awaiting a class action or wrongful foreclosure suit from the borrower. That is why DCH has issued “The Ticking Title Time Bomb”. It uses the title strategy to induce lenders to pursue debt recovery wihtout foreclosure through lian modification or some other alternative.

    • Danelle Hills says:

      Reply to Richard Kessler –
      Could you elaborate on that comment? Who is “DCH” and what ticking title time bomb strategy?
      If you don’t want it to be on here as public record, please email it to me at

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