Obtaining Due Process in Non-Judicial Foreclosure States

By George W. Mantor RISMEDIA, March 16, 2010—Things are starting to get really ugly out here on the front lines. The banksters latest tactic has them confirming in writing that the homeowner’s eligibility for a modification is being considered while secretly continuing to foreclose. The homeowner breathes a huge sigh of relief and waits….and waits….and … Read more

HAMP: A Colossal Failure Of Leadership

Not only is Hamp a total failure,  entering into any type of modification agreement not only puts you in a far worse place than before you entered the agreement, you also wave all of your rights and defenses that you had against the pretender lender that will foreclosure on you when you are declined… Read … Read more

The Rule of Law and Wall Street by U.S. Senator Ted Kaufman

Senator Ted Kaufman “Gets it” by U.S. Senator Ted Kaufman March 15, 2010 Mr. President, last Thursday, the bankruptcy examiner for Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. released a 2,200 page report about the demise of the firm and which included riveting detail on the firm’s accounting practices. That report has put in sharp relief what many … Read more