Full Deposition of Jeffrey Stephan – GMAC’s Assignment / Affidavit Slave – 10,000 Documents a Month

These depositions would be comical if it weren’t for the fact that people are losing their homes… Takes a moment to load… Q. And in executing affidavits as a vice  president, do you receive any compensation from MERS? A. No. Q. Have you had any training from MERS? A. No. Q. Okay. How many documents … Read more

Notice of Taking Deposition Example – Get to the Truth

Below is an example of a Notice of Taking Deposition. Using this discovery tool greatly increases your chances against your accusers. They will fight you tooth and nail not to let the depositions happen but when the Judge allows them we end up with gems like the Full Deposition of the Infamous Erica Johnson Seck, … Read more

The Economics and Incentives of Yield Spread Premiums and Credit Default Swaps

Via LivingLies “Based upon the foregoing facts and circumstances, it is apparent that the securitization of mortgages over the last decade has been conducted on false premises, false representations, resulting in intentional and inevitable negative outcomes for the debtors and creditors in virtually every transaction. The clear provisions for damages and other remedies provided under … Read more