SEC Employees Were Eye”Balling” Porn While Your Economy Tanked

Via Guess this is what it has come to… Over the past two years, more than a dozen Securities and Exchange employees and contractors have tried to view pornography on government computers at least 8,273 times. Here’s what they were looking at while the global financial system cratered. The Washington Times broke the story … Read more

Loan Advance Receivables – What Does a Mortgage Servicer Do?

Loan Advances and Receivables – What Does a Mortgage Servicer Do? 

Foreclosure Case Killer!- An Allonge Is Not Admissable Evidence of Bank’s Ownership

Via Matthew Weidner’s Blog Across the country, banks are attaching “allonges” to original promissory notes, then using the attached allonge to allege their ownership of the note and their standing to foreclose. The problem for the banks is an allonge is only supposed to be used when there is not sufficient blank space on the … Read more