Thank You to All for one of the BEST Months in the Foreclosure Fraud Fight

Congratulations to All! This past month has been one of the most influential months that we have seen in the Fight for Justice since we started our crusade. Here is a list of a quick recap of what has been accomplished in the last 30 days. Feds Investigating LPS Subsidiary DOCX WSJ Picks Up on Bogus … Read more

Foreclosure: Rally In Tallahassee Florida 2010 by Cory Luttrell

Special Thanks to Cory Luttrell A film student graduate who volunteered his time and skills at a last minute request to become part of history. He jumped on a bus to join us at our Rally with his equipment and followed us around all day. If anyone would like to donate to his efforts please … Read more

More Investigations over use of Fabricated Foreclosure Documents

By Denise Richardson on April 29, 2010 4:24 PM | 2 Comments Today the Florida Attorney General Economics Crime Division announced it launched an Official Investigation into the practices of the Florida Default Law Group and Docx, LLC a/k/a Lender Processing Services. The investigation is over allegations of: “…fabricating and/or presenting false and misleading documents … Read more

Attorney General Investigating Tampa Foreclosure Firm

Florida Default Law Group, a huge foreclosure law firm has angered judges with its practices. By MICHAEL SASSO | The Tampa Tribune Published: April 30, 2010 TAMPA – The Florida Attorney General’s Office is investigating a Tampa-based foreclosure law firm that has become one of the state’s largest foreclosure mills. On the agency’s Web site, the … Read more

Chief Judge About Florida AG Investigation- “I would be very skeptical they’re the only ones, our anecdotal experience are it’s pretty widespread.”

Matt Weidner on the Sarasota Herald Tribune article… That quote is taken directly from a Sarasota Herald Tribune article and it quotes the Chief Judge of the Manatee/Sarasota Circuit. That honorable judge, long a champion in the fight to restore the ethics and integrity of the judicial process in his circuit, is stating an obvious and … Read more

Paperwork Puts Foreclosure Firm in Hot Seat

Group suspected of falsifying records to retake homes By Todd Ruger   Published: Friday, April 30, 2010 at 1:00 a.m. Last Modified: Friday, April 30, 2010 at 12:21 a.m.   The Florida Attorney General’s office is investigating whether one of the state’s largest foreclosure firms is using fabricated or misleading documents to retake properties. The … Read more

WSJ – Florida Probing Law Firm in Foreclosures

From the Foreclosure Fraud Blogosphere here, here, here, and here, to the Wall Street Journal Law Blog to the front page of the WSJ Legal News. Subscription Required… Florida Probing Law Firm in Foreclosures BY AMIR EFRATI The Florida attorney general’s office is investigating possible misconduct by a large law firm that files foreclosures for … Read more

WSJ is Watching – Foreclosure Lawyers Face New Heat In Florida

That was fast! Thanks again Amir! Again straight out of the Foreclosure Fraud Blogosphere here, here, here, and here, to the Wall Street Journal! Foreclosure Lawyers Face New Heat In Florida By Amir Efrati These are precarious times for lawyers in the business of filing foreclosure cases for banks. This is particularly true in one … Read more

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum Launches Investigations into Florida Default Law Group and Docx, LLC a/k/a Lender Processing Services

Great Work Foreclosure Fighters! Be sure to share this information with EVERYONE you know. Challenge Everything! As of this morning, April 29, 2010 the Florida Attorney General Economics Crime Division launched an Official Investigation into the practices of the Florida Default Law Group and Docx, LLC a/k/a Lender Processing Services. Florida Default Law Group, PL  … Read more

Florida Attorney General Launches Investgations into the Florida Default Law Group

Just got word while driving on I95 that the Florida AG just announced that they are opening investigations into the Florida Default Law Group! So I pulled over to share the news! Spread the word! Great work everyone!,florida,default,law Case Number: L10-3-1095 Subject of investigation: Florida Default Law Group. PL Subject’s address: 9119 Corporate Lake … Read more

Foreclosure Fraud of the Week – Two “Original” Wet Ink Notes Submitted in the Same Case by the Florida Default Law Group and JPMorgan Chase

Here is a new little game I am going to play. Each week I will be taking ten random foreclosure cases out of the Palm Beach County court house and picking out the one that has the most fraudulent document in the file. Be it a Pleading, a BOGUS Assignment, a Fabricated Note, a Forgery, … Read more

Wall Street Under Fire


Predatory Mortgage Servicing Fraud – Part 3 in a Series

Here is part one if you missed it… Predatory Mortgage Servicing Fraud – First of a Series And here is part two if you missed it… Predatory Loan Servicing Fraud – Part Two in a Series Part Three “Your foreclosure, or how it came about, is of no concern to them. You are but an obstacle … Read more

Bill Moyers Journal – William K. Black on Fraud

From Bill Moyers Journal William K. Black on Fraud:   April 23, 2010 On Thursday, April 22, President Barack Obama made the case for increased regulation of the financial industry in a televised speech at Cooper Union in New York City. It was widely billed as President Obama’s chance to harness the momentum behind reforming … Read more

MSNBC Mortgage nightmares, one tale at a time

To paraphrase from words often attributed to Josef Stalin — a million bank foreclosures is a statistic, but a single family losing its home is a tragedy. So Richard Zombeck has set out help people tell those stories — one at a time — at a Web site named There’s Diane Casella from Florida, … Read more

Foreclosure Fraud Attack – Foreclosure Fighters Systems Under Attack

Interestingly enough, after our Rally in Tally, there have been reports of attacks on some of the websites that were part of the event. Here is the update… Read the WSJ Article here Read the SEC lawsuit here Read the SEC surfing porn here 4closureFraud Tweet

Pure Intellectual Masturbation is Fabulous

Fabulous Fab Tourre: The CDO’s I Create Are “Pure Intellectual Masturbation” Editor’s Note:by Neil Garfield “a ‘thing’ which has no purpose, which is absolutely conceptual and highly theoretical and which nobody knows how to price.” Think about it. The foundation of the supply of money that was pressure pumped into our economic housing system resulted … Read more

MERS Partners with Xerox Accelerate eMortgage Adoption; Help Lenders Prime for Growth

CHICAGO, Apr 26, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Xerox Corporation /quotes/comstock/13*!xrx/quotes/nls/xrx (XRX 11.39, +0.07, +0.62%) is making the mortgage industry’s transition to paperless easier than ever with new on demand services that help industry participants overcome the hurdles of eMortgage adoption by requiring little set up and upfront investment. Xerox Mortgage Services’ eVault is a virtual … Read more

Trashed Out – Deutsche Bank Acts Like Paid Off Home is a Foreclosure – Broke Down Doors, Changed Locks, Stole Belongings along with the Home Owners Sense of Security

Only in America… “All kinds of things were taken — from a dining room set to the American flag mounted outside the home.” Bank acts like home is a foreclosure Rick and Sherry Rought (April 25, 2010) Gowen couple files lawsuit against Deutsche Bank By Megan Stembol GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – A Gowen … Read more

NY Post – Florida Judge Reverses own Summary Judgement after GMAC Lawyer Could Only Manage a Ralph Kramden-like hamina-hamina-hamina

This story in the NY-POST is in regards to OVERRULED!!! Florida Judge Reverses His own Summary Judgment Order! Full transcript below… GMAC Mortgage got slammed by a Florida judge this month — and that may be good news for some of the 1,234 New York homeowners hit with a foreclosure action by GMAC since the beginning … Read more