Mortgage Meltdown – Distressed Homeowners Take on Lenders in Court and Win

Mortgage Meltdown

Distressed Homeowners Take on Lenders in Court
April 09, 2010 By: Paola Iuspa-Abbott

Diane and John Cirigliano can’t wait to face off with Wells Fargo at a foreclosure trial.

A Miami-Dade circuit court judge last month sided with them, when he ruled that the lender had failed to prove it had the right to foreclose on their Miami Beach condo.

“I was ready to kiss the judge,” Diana Cirigliano said. “I thanked the judge for listening to us. He took the facts and ruled on the facts.”

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Mortgage Meltdown Distressed Homeowners Take on Lenders in Court
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6 Responses to “Mortgage Meltdown – Distressed Homeowners Take on Lenders in Court and Win”
  1. dianac says:

    It is me Diana from the article above. Thanks for posting this and getting the message to others out there in internet land. What I want to say is this has been one of the hardest fights we have ever faced in our life time, but please if you are in trouble with your payments and home do not walk away. Get the help you need. Have your documents looked at (audited) by a professional. I don’t believe we would have gotten this far without our attorney and auditors. It is so mind boggling how big this really is, how people will throw families on the street, lie, cheat and steal to make a buck. Don’t let them do it to your family, no matter where you go you will have to pay to rent, so take that money and fight for your home that you have already put your hopes, dreams, time and money into. If I can ever help anyone going through what we have been through, I would be glad to do it.
    Keep your faith and keep your Home!!

    • I hope you can join us this week for our Rally in Tally. You would be a great inspiration to others. If just 30% of the people stood up and fought back the landscape would change dramticly.

  2. Robbed says:

    The very core source for our economic implosion and fuel for the “bubble” was FRAUDULENT LENDING by the banks. Forensic loan auditors from across the country agree that basically, 70% of all loans originated between 2003 – 2007, were FRAUDULENT, and/or contained UNFAIR and DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES BY THE LENDERS.

    The “regulators” (our government paid for by the taxpayers,) knowingly allowed this FRAUD to exist and flourish. Look closer at the OTS and “regulator shopping.” The FDIC is also in the REO disposition business aside from “regulating.” These are but just the tip of the iceberg of a few examples of aggregious conflicts of interest.

    Homeowners in foreclosure should sue (by the millions) the lenders, and utilize discovery throught the court to prove this fraud was perpetrated on not only the homeowners, but the investors who unknowingly bought the toxic pools of mortgages.

    The servicers profit by the foreclosures in REO disposition and by draining the remaining income streams from the revenue streams of the performing mortgage payments. This directly pays for increased default revenues from the deficient non-payments (by those in foreclosure) directly back to the servicers via the “pooling and servicing agreements” of the MBS (mortgage-backed securities.)

    The servicers, in essence, are the “middlemen” of the scam and were also the wholesalers and securitizers of the fraudulent loans. All involved knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

    These “middlemen” also recieved TARP money from CONgress at the further expense of the TAXpayers.

    Sue, investigate, and prosecute now, or our children will be poor no matter their level of education and hard work in the future. We in America are becoming a croney driven fuedal state and two class society. The middle class will become non-existent.

    This is not a representation of an emerging socialist state, but more appropriately, that of a corporo-fascist state where government and corporations prosper unfairly at the detriment of its citizens.

    Sound familiar in 2010?

    Rob Harrington
    National WAMU Homeowners Support Group

  3. We praise you for all of your brave efforts! Fraud is constant these days! We have our group gather a collection of discovery! The latest Fraud is from the Law Offices of David J.Stern/on his assignment documents, the latest witness alleged name is: Harry Innocent. We wonder how real that is because the Judge did not think so! They are working very closely with Ellen & Rothman & Tobin. Mr.Stern, must have trained them very well, is what we were informed from an ex-employee staffer (he said). Marshall Watson law firm has had their problems, too! Florida Default Law Group is working very closely with Mr. Stern. He trained them well, too! Mr. Stern, lastest documents have been reported to be doctored up with: Photo Shop. Other names, with Fraud attached on documents, we discovered through massive research are: Bethany Hood, Cheryl Sammons, Eric Tate, Margie Kwiatanowski, Mary Ladd, Erica SethJohnson, Mary Lynch, etc.!
    Mr. Stern’s magic show consist of: Shrinking down the documents & smearing ink signatures, (we have this on good authority from an insider who had worked there for a year)
    You will see a difference if you blow up the documents on the copy machine 150%. No kidding! Plus, his assignments are not even done until several months after a law suit has been filed on the couple. They have no shame! The corporate seal is missing ( a Lot), The Notary stamp is not even in existence, NO value $$$ are listed for consideration, titles of people for companies are invalid because many companies were already out of business already, the list is endless. When Mr. Stern is on paper, the magic show begins….
    God bless you!

    • Michael says:

      Do you have information on Mary Ladd you mentioned above? I have had her as a signer for an assignment of my mortage to GMAC. Anyone else have any information on her? Thanks…


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