DOCX, Lorraine Brown, Ron Meharg, Brittany Snow, Tywanna Thomas, and Mr. Korrell Harp…. Just might want to be your Friend


Looking for a friend?

Someone to chat with about your financial troubles?

The hardships that you are facing due to the frauds perpetrated in your foreclosure?

Well, your in luck…

It’s been real, but I guess good things sometimes come to an end. So lets all join the group and stay friends

Oh goody!!!

We can ALL be friends…

The Fraudsters have started up a Group for “DOCX” which is “closed” to the public meaning you have to request to “join the club” but I am sure if you ask nicely they will let you in.

You just have to know the secret knock.

It is Morse code for BOGUS

-… — –. ..- …


In the event they don’t let you into their exclusive “club” maybe you can befriend one of the individuals below. I hear they might be able to doctor something up that is convincing enough to sway whoever is judging you into believing that you have a right to be “included”…

Lorraine O’Reilly Brown

Ron Meharg…!/profile.php?id=100000549071096&ref=ts

Brittany Snow…!/profile.php?id=71102836&ref=ts

Tywanna Thomas…!/profile.php?id=601578569

Korrell Harp…!/profile.php?id=100000901184064

I bet you could find more “friends” if you look…

If not, you could always be mine


7 Responses to “DOCX, Lorraine Brown, Ron Meharg, Brittany Snow, Tywanna Thomas, and Mr. Korrell Harp…. Just might want to be your Friend”
  1. Friend of the robosignors says:

    Why are you picking on these employees? like the other robosigners they simply signed documents they had authority to sign. This company is gone. These folks are unemployed trying to find jobs. Potential employers are pulling them up on google and seeing the word “Fraud” in the same sentence. You are not being fair.
    No one wants to see anyone lose their home. These folks didn’t cause foreclosures. The unfortunate truth is that the homeowners for whatever reason could not make their mortgage payments.
    Maybe you should focus your engery on helping the homeowners find ways to afford their home thru emplyment or modification.
    Your words may shortly be causing the very folks you have attacked with your words to lose their homes. Have a heart, remove their names.

  2. Concerned says:

    I am not a Docx employee. i just don’t like how people talk about situations that they do not have any idea about. If you are not a member of the Docx facebook site, how do you know exactly what it is?

    • According to your IP address, you are posting these comments from inside Docx…

      Your IP Address
      Alpharetta, Georgia, United States
      Docx, Llc (

      Would love to be a member of the facebook site!

      Wana be my friend?


  3. Concerned says:

    It is funny how people that don’t know want is going on, make up these comments on these types of sites. Have anyone ever thought maybe the Docx facebook site is for a group of people that work at a company that want to remain friends when they leave the company? It seems there are a lot of people that nothing better to do than to write crap about things they have no clue about.

    • Dont be sad Docx Employee. At least you still have a job, for now… Cant wait for the criminal indictments!

      Your IP Address
      Alpharetta, Georgia, United States
      Docx, Llc (

      Have a nice day!


      • Catherine says:

        Hilarious! I needed a good laugh this morning while I prepare my arguments to defend a blanket discovery objection…thank you DOCX!

  4. TNL says:


    Keri Selman Facebook — the MERS “assigner” who wears too many hats …

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