Full Video of our Rally in Tally

Full Video of our Rally in Tally – April Charney, Matthew Weidner, Chip Parker, Foreclosure Hamlet & 4closureFraud along with many others

Here are links to videos of the speeches that were given at the rally
Now in High Quality HD

Thank you to ALL for an Extremely Successful Event!

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8 Responses to “Full Video of our Rally in Tally”
  1. Ann & Allen says:

    We are sooo proud to be in the Rally with you. Thank you all for your tremendous effort to help Homeowners.

  2. lisamarie says:

    This was beautiful. It made me cry. I wish I could have been there. I am also defending my home against foreclosure here in Florida. Amazing that such blatant fraud has gone almost unchecked for so long. It is like a slap in the Judges face when these crooks come into their courts with bogus paperwork,acting invincible. Perhaps now they will get slapped back!

  3. Art says:

    Foreclosure advocates 100 mainstream media 0!

    I went on the bus from Sarasota and glad I did. Everybody was 100% committed to sharing the REAL truth with the decision makers [which they did].

    I find it very difficult not to compare what really happened with what was was aired by mainstream media.
    Just one example is:

    The professional mainstream media should be committed to share the REAL truth with the homeowners and consumers. They missed the mark so far. They have the power, tools and resources to fully support this issue. The REAL truth needs to get out.

  4. Rob Harrington says:

    Thank you everybody for speaking up at the rally. Also thank you Maia, Dalton and Cathie from the National WAMU Homeowners Support Group for representing us well at the rally!!

    Little fish who swim in a tight group in the the same direction at once look like a big, man-eating shark to all of the other sea-life!


    Rob Harrington – co-founder
    National Wamu Homeowners Support Group

  5. robert nagle says:

    I have an issue of 7 loans, three banks and two are national banks one savings and loan bank. Three different properties, three known mailing sites, which are not stationary, two different first names, one aka and the other legal in nature. Each loan is opposite of each other and two loans at each end of the 7 loan segment are stacked, shotgun style and of very large value. The first stacked configuration is 536k loan issued on a Fri and the next Tuesday 338k issues seperate loan on seperate property, seperate first name, seperate banks and. 874k single man debt in 2 days and 6k per month mortgage payments gross. Several smaller loans hit every 6-4 months with end 2 loans stacking like this: from 2-1-07 through 2-15-07 2.189mm loaned and from 2-6-07 through 2-13-07 200k. This borrower is close to 4mm in debt, new 200k Mbenz, defrauding partners and singled all out to where construction development went 95 percent complete, bank foreclosed asap, borrower walked away three months prior to w5 month maturity date of large loan lump sum payment, additional partner property, tri plex foreclosed, 6k month payments, and a year later borrower files BK7 yesterday and foreclosed on his 650k townhome. Last two middle loans are looked as if they are hid in the sand, and major civil lawsuit 6m0nth into lapsed.

    Does the loans that go through the computer default by having one different first name, two different mailing locations and three different. Property locations, each time a loan occures, it lands opposite of the other, never seeing each other or !inary code as follows: 0101010. Does that system trip the computer OR does the borrower get inside help from bank personel to continue on with 7 step loan over 15 months plus 15 month construction loan. And lump sum payment on month 15 of construction agreement, by other Bank.
    Please reply with experience as we are on our 5 eviction and have talked law enforcement off eviction 5 dtraight times and hanging very tough. No one will issue suspended writ of real property. Mortgage trust 2006 6AR paid 11k over first loan amount but realtor had property on market for 149k lower than sales price at auction. Please reply as this home is residence of 20 years and where Realtor was misleading and very full of deceit. Sheriff dept, FBI, OTC will not issue investigation since I have a reprutable attorney, tennant has not paid rent in over 14 months of 1k per month, and BK court in 7 days. Borrower clearly is fraudulent and has downloaded any property from his name. District Attorney no respond, Consumar Affair will not offer anything but form letter and the City has issued an invalid General Contractor who is not the sole proprietor as liscensed. Dictates, Bank paid for some services, representative knew it was fraudulenty transaction, kept ball in play and then obtained own personal general contract license 4 months later, no experience and tryed 10 units and failed bad, built condo building one foot into side yard setback, no excperience. Any comment.

    Hanging tough

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