Senator Michael Bennett – You are the Pigs Ass

Straight from The Pigs Ass WOW! TALK ABOUT AN ASS! ARROGANT SENATOR BENNETT, not even pretending to have concern for those thousands losing their homes in his district! For now, Republican Senator Mike Bennett has had to put the bill on hold, because the banks argue the bill is too consumer-friendly. With eight days … Read more

Supreme Court Tells Debt-Collection Law Firm that Ignorance of Law Is No Excuse

ABA JOURNAL By Debra Cassens Weiss Law firms that misinform a debtor facing foreclosure about his or her legal obligations aren’t shielded from liability for the legal error, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled. In a 7-2 opinion (PDF) by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the Supreme Court said the “bona fide error defense” doesn’t protect debt … Read more

Shame the Banks’ Zombeck Goes to Washington… and Needs Your Stories

    Richard Zombeck HuffPost’s Eyes & Ears Mortgage Specialist Mr. Zombeck Goes to Washington and Needs Your Stories Thanks to MASSPIRG and Americans for Financial Reform (AFR), I’ll be going to Washington next week to meet with my Congressmen. I’m hoping to have thousands of stories on from people who have suffered at … Read more

Don’t try this at Home? New DVD Shows Man Destroying a Foreclosed Home for Fun and Profit

This is not an endorsement or an add nor am I receiving any money to promote this DVD. I just couldn’t stop laughing after I came across the site so I thought I would share… This isn’t an endorsement or an ad nor am I receiving any money to promote this DVD. I just couldn’t … Read more

A MASSIVE decision from the US Supreme Court…Foreclosure Mills are covered by the Fair Debt Collection Act

From Matt Weidner’s Blog While we were busy railing away in front of the Florida Supreme Court yesterday…THE SUPREME COURT….the US SUPREME COURT issued a massive ruling that will send shock waves through all foreclosure mills.  This April 21, 2010 decision found that foreclosure mill law firms are subject to the Fair Debt Collection Practices … Read more