MERS Loan Registry Raises Legal Questions

The Salt Lake Tribune  A small real estate data-management company is the focus of a widening legal controversy that could affect millions of U.S. foreclosures, including thousands filed against distressed homeowners in Utah. The nation’s largest lenders created Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS), of Reston, Va., in 1994 as a loan registry designed to save … Read more

What We Did Was Criminal – Confessions Of A Former Loan Officer

Bring Criminal Charges Against Chief Executives of Leading Originators And Securitizers of Stated-Income Mortgages by Michael David White   You can steal and burn money many different ways. Leaders of financial firms use a conservative bias with money they lend to protect society’s most precious asset: Savings accumulated through blood, sweat, tears — sacrifice. Unless you live … Read more

Stop! Thief! Foreclosure Prevention 101

Neil Garfield LivingLies Nobody ever thought that returning a lady’s purse to her after a purse snatcher ran away with it was a gift. So why is anyone contesting returning the purse to homeowners who had their lives snatched from them? The baby steps of the Obama administration are frustrating. Larry Summers, Tim Geithner and … Read more