Foreclosure Fraud Attack – Foreclosure Fighters Systems Under Attack

Interestingly enough, after our Rally in Tally, there have been reports of attacks on some of the websites that were part of the event.

Here is the update…


Read the WSJ Article here

Read the SEC lawsuit here

Read the SEC surfing porn here


One Response to “Foreclosure Fraud Attack – Foreclosure Fighters Systems Under Attack”
  1. PJ says:

    The people here and on all of the various sites have invested a tremendous amount of personal time to this issue… with meaningful results… are they then not in-fact to be considered “community organizers”, protecting their property, their communities and above all their rights under the law of the United States?

    Apparently what is good for the goose, aint good for the gander….

    Once this fight is won, and it will be… it is quite apparent that “net neutrality” will be the next battle.

    In the mean time Matt Weidner should be a nominee for the soon to be vacated Supreme Court position!

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