Foreclosure Fraud of the Week – Two “Original” Wet Ink Notes Submitted in the Same Case by the Florida Default Law Group and JPMorgan Chase

Here is a new little game I am going to play. Each week I will be taking ten random foreclosure cases out of the Palm Beach County court house and picking out the one that has the most fraudulent document in the file.

Be it a Pleading, a BOGUS Assignment, a Fabricated Note, a Forgery, or an Assistant Attorney General that works for both the AG Office and a Foreclosure Mill at the same time…

Two “Original” Fabricated Notes?

In my last Foreclosure Fraud of the Week we talked about Poor Photo Shop skills.

This week we will expand on that topic.

Hold onto your hats. This one could possibly be a game changer.

Below are TWO “Original” Wet Ink Notes submitted in the same OPEN case by the notorious Florida Default Law Group.

One submitted by Ms. Ashleigh Politano Esq and the other by Tamara M. Walters Esq.

I am very grateful for this find since it corroborates some theories I have had.

I personally believe, that in most cases, the “Original” notes are purely high quality COPIES. The reason I say this is because almost EVERY “Original” note I examine, the blue “wet ink” signature is always the same odd colored blue. You know, the blue that comes off a printer or copy machine. I have yet to find that same elusive blue colored pen in any stationary store.

I think that the Foreclosure Mills and the Default Processing firms have electronic copies of the notes and just print them out however they need them, or they just replace the last page with a fabricated one that is endorsed to the plaintiff.

Not only that, the last page of the note, in many cases, is a different quality paper then the first few pages.

Now I know these are some conspiracy theorist type allegations, so bear with me and see for yourselves below.

Most judges do not want to hear those theories, so lets take it a step further to possibly opening their eyes.

Remember that these are both “Original” Notes filed in the same case, both with “wet ink” signatures, by the Florida Default Law Group, so they should be identical, right?

I took the liberty on taking screen shots of the “Notes” where I thought there might be frauds perpetrated on the court.

Examine the full Certified Copies below to compare…

I labeled them;

NOTE ONE (Submitted by Ashleigh Politano Esq)


NOTE TWO (Submitted by Tamara M. Walters Esq)

I highly doubt that the TRUE note holder had both of these as originals on hand.

Worm your way out of this one FDLG…

There are more to come…



UPDATE 04/29/10

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum Launches Investigations into Florida Default Law Group and Docx, LLC a/k/a Lender Processing Services

UPDATE 04/29/10

WSJ is Watching – Foreclosure Lawyers Face New Heat In Florida

Click on Images to Enlarge

Notices of Filing Original “Notes”

1st Page of Notes

1st Page of Notes

Last Page of Notes
Documentary Tax

Last Page of Notes
Borrowers Signature

Last Page of Notes
Endorsement to Plaintiff by Plaintiff

Last Page of Notes
Original Endorsement to VOID

(Submitted by Ashleigh Politano)
Defendant has retained counsel
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(Submitted by Tamara M. Walters)
Defendant has retained counsel
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67 Responses to “Foreclosure Fraud of the Week – Two “Original” Wet Ink Notes Submitted in the Same Case by the Florida Default Law Group and JPMorgan Chase”
  1. Heather Minty says:

    i got “original” notes with fraudelent signatures and loan mod docs where the notary public signed for the vice president of Countrywide. Countrywide almost took away my house with fraudulent docs and still no one cares. A note is a negotiable instrument like a check. So a fraudelent signature on a note is like the banks writing a check to themselves and then cashing it. Its perfectly legal of course

    • beat4theday says:

      Sadly judges don’t care only because they are “sick” of all the filings and they don’t get paid well to hear everyone’s mortgage problems. I say don’t pay if you can’t, let them foreclose, live in your home at no cost, and get it defended by a lawyer – or defend it yourself if you know what you are looking for.

  2. [scribd id=37604449 key=key-1gyin8c2a2mf6t3vu9ms mode=list]

  3. dR pHil says:

    I’ve confirmed the investigations are ongoing into DOCX and FDLG but, why is there no investigation as of yet into JP Morgan Chanse NA? Is DOCX being squeezed to ‘rat out’ JP? Please no answers like JP too powerful, political, etc…a more plausable useful answer?

    • beat4theday says:

      Everyone is investigated as long as FBI has reason to believe Fraud is committed. No one will be busted until the FBI or any investigator’s case is sealed tight – meaning no way out.

  4. Jerry Jurden says:

    We are in the state of Georgia > My lawyer is C. David Joyner P.C. E-mail address DJOYNER@CDAVIDPC.COM

    Any bright minds that just want to help save my old 1890 HO– USE my home please HElP.


  5. Jerry Jurden says:

    Please forward any information . I have just had a home I purchased and moved it to some property that was owned by a former girlfriend. She forged a bill of sale saying she owned the home as well as the property. Got a mortgage refinanced and placed some $150,000.00 intoher account paying off credit card debt and has since filed chapter 7 bankruptcy. the bank Hsbc got the property removed from the BK court and foreclosed . Taking both the home and property. I am in current litigation trying to save my home. My lawyer is good but any additional help in saving my home would be helpful. So far the court seems to be favoring the bank since they claim they were not aware of my existance yet they should have seen the Big red flag since the property had at least three apprasials and the last one clearly states the home was moved to the property and put back together extremely well and the tax office makes mention since in 2007 the taxes were some $500 pluS Now the tax records show incerease to some $2,500 plus.

    How could they not be aware of my home being added to the property. HELP HELP don’t let them take my home *(1890 built away)…. Thanks for any help from anyone. We did get the copy of the forged document added to the case by of people the Lawyer of the BANK/ and FNMA Fannie Mae which he represents them both.

    The law firm he represents went to the BK court and got it removed after they were made aware of my existance in August prior to the first try of FORECLOSURE sale. Then 4 months later they proceed to January 5th 2010 sale knowing full well tht I had notified them of my existance. Now they claim they didn’t have any idea of my existance when they made the loan in April 4, 2008 closing even though the appraisals and tax records existed prior to the refinance loan taking place. Sounds like the title company didn’t do a very good job since the life insurance policy was paid for some $30,000 more than was owed on the outstanding loan . Could this be a case of Bank fraud since the Bank purchased the house at the foreclosure sale for lots more than the outstanding amount due to make sure they got it to protect their ass. Wow what is really going on. they knew something right.

    Jerry 404-246-8518 any help would be apprecated quickly please.

    • Sue says:

      Jerry contact me about your mortgage. A group of friends have filed there law suite against our so called mortgage holders and will be winning.

      • usjustice4all says:

        How is the lawsuit going? Maybe if we had an audience for the judge in favor of the homeowners, it might change

      • Deb in Crested Butte, CO says:

        Hi Sue, Would you please contact me also with examples of others lawsuits? I am trying to write my own & am a bit scared. Need to see how others map it out for the court.. I would be so very grateful to you and others. I live in Colorado & GMAC is just our servicer. Now they have filed an assignment from the original lender (BankUnited, FSB) to themselves, 350 days after they started the foreclosure on our house. I could really use a bit of help if any of you have the time to pass along info. I will do the work & research – just need some guidance.

    • Nathanael says:

      Bit late, but Jerry, priority one should be to buy a new lot for the house, free and clear, and hire movers to move it. They’ll come in and move it out, and then it’s up to the bank to try to prove that they shouldn’t have… which they can’t because you own it and have proof of ownership.

    • Jerry, did you say you “moved the home” onto property that was then repossessed? If so, move the home again???

    • beat4theday says:

      What state are you in? Call my lawyer, (407) 494-9287 for help. His name’s Andy.

  6. says:

    To support the fact that papers are being created, here is a link to the transcript of the Texas Supreme Court’s MEETING OF THE TASK FORCE ON JUDICIAL FORECLOSURE RULES on November 7, 2007.

    (See document page# 28)

    The following is from a brief filed in the Texas Supreme Court that addresses the transcript with page references:

    The transcript baldly asserts, as is the case here, that the mandated paperwork required to lawfully execute a foreclosure simply does not exist in 90% of the cases, stating:

    [“So finding a document that says, “I am the owner and holder, and I thereby grant to the servicer the right to foreclose in my name” is an impossibility in 90 percent of the cases.”] (transcript page 27, line 16)
    – Foreclosure mill attorney Michael Barrett.

    Note: Mr. Barrett is the same attorney who came after Relator in 1997 with false allegations that Relator was in default and Bank of America was the true owner and holder of Relator’s note. Relator recently discovered that Bank of America was never the owner or holder and therefore could not have sold Relator’s promissory note to EMC as both falsely maintained in their pleadings to all courts, including Respondent appellate court in 2001, and this court in 2002.

    The remedy for when, as Mr. Barrett confirmed “There really isn’t such a document” (Page 27, line 8), was revealed by Judge Bruce Priddy (See State of Texas v. Judge Priddy D-1-GV-08-002311) when he added:
    “They just create one for the most part sometimes, and
    the servicer signs it themselves saying that it’s (sic) been
    transferred to whatever entity they name as applicant”.
    (page 28, line 10)
    First American added:

    “Well, the other problem — Judge, this is Tim Redding. The other problem that I see — and, Tommy, you and I talk about it regularly – that we have a bunch of servicers that are corporations or trusts attempting to foreclose on behalf of other trusts using a power of attorney, and I don’t think that’s really proper. I mean, we all kind of turn a blind eye to it, but I think that’s an issue that’s out there that somebody could use to potentially attack a foreclosure.”
    (page 33, line 5)

    This Texas Supreme Court transcript suggests why many of the participants engaged in mortgage fraud seek refuge in Texas. The transcript also brings credence to Relator’s belief that neither Bank of America nor EMC could have held him hostage to years of litigation unless the court(s) were willing participants in the Ponzi scheme that allowed EMC to continue its proven “illegal” practices, that include, but are in no way limited to, the outright theft of Relator’s home, equity, personal belongings and tendered payments on a debt he now learns didn’t even exist.

  7. The693 says:

    Are blank mortgage and note forms ever downloaded from a computer and printed out on an office printer(water soluble ink) to be signed by the borrower? It seems to me all the ones I’ve seen were actually printed on a printing press(oil and water process). A drop of water on a COPY will dissolve or run the ink. A printing press copy will require alcohol or something similar to run the ink.

  8. Obama says:

    Do any of these federal agencies worth what the taxpayers are funding? Are there any new agencies that would do their job and serve the interest of the people. Get rid of McCallum he’s into this knee deep..Fight for your country and get rid of the garbage starting with the criminal judges and politicians that are like cancer to this society…

  9. Providing a little background info for those doing research:


  10. I did notify the FBI about this. I was told that if there was any issue with the mortgage being delinquent, then this was a CIVIL matter. Agent Degnan in the FBI’s West Palm Beach, Florida office assured me that the judge in the foreclosure case would review the files and would help sort it all out. He admonished me for being so insistent that this was a criminal matter for investigation by reminding me that the only thing that would matter to the prosecutor would be if the mortgage was current or not.

    “Ma’am, you are not listening to me! This is CIVIL! Ma’am, did you not hear yourself? The mortgage is not being paid.”

    “Sir, do you ALWAYS ask about the personal finances of all crime victims before you are willing to even look at the evidence when a complaint is called in? Do you not understand that there is counterfeit promissory notes being fabricated and used as evidence of proof of a debt that may not exist at all, let alone to the entity that is doing counterfeiting the evidence?”

    “Again, Ma’am, you said that there is a problem in that the mortgage isn’t being paid.”

    And with that……… last vestige of faith and belief in my country was blown to smithereens.

    As my good friend tells me all the time, “It’s up to us and we are going to get the job done.”


    • Gordon Brooks says:

      Perhaps it’s time to try the local authorities. That’s going to be my next step in my case, where the same mortgage was assigned twice. There is a statute in New Hampshire that makes it a felony to tamper with recordable instruments.

    • Incognito123 says:

      Well L, you did the right thing, I think I would file a complaint against the agent, as there in fact may be a civil issue, BUT, the filing of two ‘original’ notes IS criminal, plain and simple.

    • Anon says:

      The thing to tell the FBI agent is: “I need to know if I ever paid the right person! I might be able to make arrangements with the person I actually owe the money to,. but not with these people who are fraudulently *claiming* I owe them money!”



  11. ASHLEIGH POLITANO… what say you?

    TAMARA WALTERS… what say you?

    MR ECHIEVERRA… what say you?

    AG MCCOLLUM… what say you?



  12. dormanmom says:

    Please tell me this woman did not lose her home, PLEASE!

  13. Ray Shelton says:

    Ray Shelton May 19, 2014 at 7:49 pm
    If you are being foreclosed on By US Bank and or SN Servicing ( Please No Other banks or services please) Please check the signatures on your deed in your county clerks office, if you are sure that forgery or falsification of your documents has taken place then call me ASAP we are going after anyone who has wrong us by forgery and or uttering forgery under the RICO ACT. This is happening now 2014 Please join us. call 352 274 8467 Ray Shelton
    #1. Did A Serious Crime of forgery and Uttering forgery take place by US Bank and their attorneys against you ?
    #2. The OCCs Cease and desist order signed by US Bank and its Board of directors specifically says that US Bank and its third parties ( Servicer’s and attorneys) will stop this kind of criminal activity immediately and make restitution, but they have only escalated their activities of illegally taking homes in Florida via Forgery and falsifying documents etc.:

    MEDIA STORY LINE. A Well known highly respected Florida Notary and his wife who witness the signing of a deed and mortgage have come forward and signed a statement sworn under oath that the signatures on a deed and mortgage were originally signed in Royal Blue. They even went to the Marion County Clerk of the Court and had another notary witness the fact that they viewed the recorded deed and mortgage that was submitted by US Bank and then witnessed that the documents were not sign in Royal Blue. But in fact were signed in Black. It is clear by any reasonable person or most important by Law Enforcement and our Judges, that after US Bank claimed a lost note status for a couple of years, they had no choice but to forge the deed and note in order to have standing in court.
    The Shelton family is being illegally foreclosed on by US Bank who has already paid out multi million dollar fines, but no one has gone to jail. Who is actually committing these crimes? Was it DocX or LPS or is it their attorneys? This needs to be discovered and prosecuted by the Feds because it is a very serious issue that is costing the American public billions of dollars in loses. It apparently doesn’t matter to US bank that the homeowner is right or wrong because no normal family can stand up to the money that is used to win by attrition against a homeowner. Who will protect the public and stop the destruction of hundred of thousands of families lives all across this nation?
    This is also very wrong because Us Bank and their attorneys may be undermining the integrity of our entire Justice system and the American way of life as it is known today. Will it end up that it is ok to forge our most treasured document without any prosecution by our government? This is becoming a crime wave that is unparalleled in history and America must stop it. Have Multiple interstate crimes been committed multiple times By US Bank and their attorneys ? Should these issues be considered within the Rico Crimes Laws. US Bank has not stopped their behavior, are the fines way to low and they just don’t care because the numbers prove that they can still make huge profits by continuing on the same path? Where is Law Enforcement? Where is Eric Holder? Where is OBAMA???
    The Shelton Family didn’t discover the facts about the forgeries until they had already lost in every court even the appeals court. Now that they found out and have proof of forgery shouldn’t all the other ruling be null and void? The Shelton’s are filing a Civil Criminal Lawsuit against the attorneys Andrew Braaksma and Paul McKenna and another Civil Rico law suite against US Bank and SN servicing.
    The Shelton’s have filed a bar complaint with the Florida bar against Andrew Braaksma out of Miami and his partner Paul Mckenna for Uttering Forgery and other reasons to be announced. They have also filed a complaint with the FBI and with the Florida Attorney General. They will soon ask the Office of State wide prosecution to take the case. There will also be some press conferences set up to expose the Miami Attorneys and US Bank. Shouldn’t this case be moved up to the Federal courts and demand relief and for the prosecution of the Miami Attorneys and US Bank? To join us please call 352 274 8467 Ray Shelton

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