Florida Attorney General Launches Investgations into the Florida Default Law Group

Just got word while driving on I95 that the Florida AG just announced that they are opening investigations into the Florida Default Law Group!

So I pulled over to share the news!

Spread the word!

Great work everyone!


Case Number: L10-3-1095

Subject of investigation:
Florida Default Law Group. PL

Subject’s address:
9119 Corporate Lake Drive, Suite 300, Tampa, Florida 33634

Subject’s business:
Law Firm, Foreclosures

Allegation or issue being investigated:
Appears to be fabricating and/or presenting false and misleading documents in foreclosure cases. These documents have been presented in court before judges as actual assignments of mortgages and have later been shown to be legally inadequate and/or insufficient. Presenting faulty bank paperwork due to the mortgage crisis and thousands of foreclosures per month. This firm is one of the largest foreclosure firms in the State. This firm appears to be one of Docx, LLC a/k/a Lender Processing Services’ clients, who this office is also investigating.

AG unit handling case:
Economic Crimes Division in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

More to come once I get to my computer.

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2 Responses to “Florida Attorney General Launches Investgations into the Florida Default Law Group”
  1. Elyse says:

    I encourage all homeowners to go to the County Recorders Offices in their States and pay for every copy on your home…

    MERS is being caught with their dirty BIG hands in the cookie jar! MERS NEVER filed loan documents through the “normal” process of filing so they could bundle loans and sell them over and over again. Now that homeowners are fighting back, the forgeries are being seen by Judges that “get it”….Every State in America has been robbed of monies from their County Recorders income and that is why our Teachers, Fire Fighters, Police and County workers are being laid off because MERS never paid for the fees for the 60 million loans they have on their books!!

    Let me say that one more time so those of you who can’t believe it…

    MERS has 60 million loans that they processed from 2004-2010 and are now foreclosing on!! America’s population is only 300 million and 60 million are under attack…MERS is owned and was created by the Wall Street Bankers so they could avoid paying fees and they could slice and dice those loans and in the process, they have LOST THE NOTES…the Mortgage and the Note were seperated. If all the homeowners would file a law suit on every bank and mortgage company involved in their house, bottom line, demand to see the note so they can show proof that they own your home in order to take it through Foreclosure…

    The banks have been asking you to send all the paperwork via FAX and they ask for the same papers over and over!! Sound familar?

    DON’T SEND ANYMORE…Ask the lender or service company for a copy of your note and how they are authorized to service your account…Turn the table…get their proof that they own or have the right to discuss loan mods….THEY DON’T!!!

    Fight back through the Courts, it’s the only way!! The Government WILL NOT DO IT…The Courts and Judges are finally “getting it”….

  2. ilouie says:

    What’s the catch? The assistant AG is from FDLG…

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