By Lynn E. Szymoniak, Esq., Ed. Fraud Digest, May 6, 2010 Many mortgage-backed securitized trusts are missing critical documents needed to foreclose – i.e., the mortgage assignment. An excellent discussion of this is found in the decision of Massachusetts Land Court Judge Keith Long reaffirming a 2009 ruling (Ibanez) that invalidated foreclosures on two properties … Read more

Thousands of Foreclosure Judgments Are VOID (But Courts Will Receive Millions in Additional Funding For This Problem!)

by Matthew D. Weidner, Esq. A constant theme I hammer on in this blog is that this wave of foreclosures is making a mess of our judicial system. In a perceived need to rush through the foreclosure “crisis”, (a crisis created by the parties who are demanding an unreasonable share of scare judicial resources), the … Read more

4closureFraud Site Update – Tell us what you think…

Playing around with a new design for the site that offers more content and features. Tell me what you think or would like to see. The front page will host the featured post. Most recent posts will be next to the feature. Older posts will run down the middle as before. Added an additional sidebar … Read more