Foreclosure Fraud From A Client’s Perspective- A Very Good Read

from Matt Weidner’s Blog by Matthew D. Weidner, Esq. The following is a touching, sad and brilliantly-written essay provided to me by a client.  From time to time, we lose sight of the fact that foreclosure is not just some abstract court case.  There are real losers here.  When a defendant loses, he’s your neighbor … Read more

Berry v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company – Existence of a Genuine Issue of Material Fact Regarding the Validity of the Foreclosure Sale was Enough to Preclude Judgment in Favor of the Lender

Facing The Boot, Homeowners’ Claim That F’closure Sale Price Was So Low As To “Shock The Conscience” Was Enough To Thwart Subsequent Eviction Attempt “The general rule is that, where the price realized at the [foreclosure] sale is so inadequate as to shock the conscience, it may itself raise a presumption of fraud, trickery, unfairness, … Read more

Assignee Liability in the Secondary Mortgage Market 2007

Executive Summary A significant percentage—by some estimates, more than half—of the recent rise in home ownership in the United States can be attributed to the expansion of subprime credit. The increasing flexibility and ability of lenders to price loans to take into account the higher risk of default posed by subprime borrowers has driven this … Read more

PMI Ocwen Anderson Report – Sue First Ask Questions Later

Random Repost Blast from the Past. Going to start off each day with a random repost from the archives… Enjoy! Via Wikipedia Nye Lavalle is an American sports marketing executive and social scientist turned consumer and investor advocate and activist. He is known for his studies on American sports, culture, charities, and media conducted during … Read more