Victory in Key West: Judge Dismisses Foreclosure Filed by Florida Default Law Group for Failure to Comply with Discovery and Court Orders

From Jeff Barnes, Esq

Today, a Key West, Florida Circuit Court Judge dismissed a foreclosure action filed by Florida Default Law Group (FDLG), which was representing Bank of New York as the alleged “Trustee” of a Bear Stearns securitized mortgage loan trust. The borrower, who was represented by FDN’s Jeff Barnes, Esq., had served discovery on FDLG in late February, 2009. FDLG filed one of its form “open ended” Motions for Extension of Time to respond to the discovery (that being with no date certain for the response). FDLG failed to respond to Mr. Barnes’ good-faith request as to how much time FDLG needed to respond to the borrower’s discovery. The first “response” from FDLG came over 13 months later when FDLG objected to practically everything which Mr. Barnes asked for.

FDLG also failed to comply with the Court’s Pretrial Order, and had a history in the case of violating court orders and actually paid sanctions on prior Motion filed by Mr. Barnes. The Court dismissed the case and conditioned any re-filing on full compliance with Mr. Barnes’ discovery and the Court’s Orders.


5 Responses to “Victory in Key West: Judge Dismisses Foreclosure Filed by Florida Default Law Group for Failure to Comply with Discovery and Court Orders”
  1. rsheltonr says:

    Re: Jeff Barnes Florida Attorney
    You are a liar Mr Barnes and an embarrassment to your profession. You will never win anything in court because everything I said is absolutely true and now many others are coming forward with the truth about your behavior and the way you treat the elderly. I am also going to expose your Black Robe Mafia web site where you may be embarrassing and humiliating State and Federal Judges all across the nation. A disrespectful site like that can really hurt your clients cases if they are before the judges who may have read your Black Robe Mafia web site.
    We are ready for you Mr Barnes, so file your suit. You can forget about the statute of limitation, I was wrong and you knew that. Just because we are elderly doesn’t mean we are stupid nor will we just allow you to take what is not yours. We are not afraid of you anymore Mr Barnes and neither is the elderly woman and her friends out in California. I am going to continue to publicly expose you whenever and wherever I can with the truth in the hope that no other elderly person has to go through what we have with you. Fortunately there are many others now that are doing the same. The elderly woman in California has told me of what you charged her and all the other people who have hired you in her group, how many of those elderly people have you abandoned? I have added them to a growing list. If that lady is telling the truth and I suspect she is you may have some exposure there too. Have you really charged that group almost a million dollars? How many others are there? You need to stop hurting the elderly, you were suppose to help those people. I pray that Law Enforcement and the Fla Bar will tie all these people together because the big picture may show your leadership in a slick nation wide Mortgage Rescue Scam that may be conning many elderly people. At this point I think I will inform the United States Attorney General and the FBI about your activities involving so many elderly people. Truth and justice is coming Mr Barnes.

    Ray Shelton

  2. Beryl says:

    Please provide the case style and number. Does anyone monitor this site, to answer queries?

  3. Gisele says:

    Do you by any chance have the case style or case number for this?


    Mr. Barnes,
    Greetings and peace to you. My wife and I are fighting foreclosure now and are preparing to battle with these thieves. It would be wonderful if you could share with us the discovery demands you made on FDLG. Thanks, in advance, for any help you feel you can offer. Peace and blessings to you and yours.
    Wes and Cindy

  5. 2 Pirates over 40 says:

    Great job, well done Mr. Barnes.

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