Bank Tells Tenant to Stop Paying Rent, Landlord Shoots and Kills Tenant for Non Payment

NMB Landlord-Tenant Dispute Ends In Death

A North Miami Beach man was shot to death Monday afternoon when he didn’t pay his rent, police say. The alleged murderer is the man’s landlord, Julian Gonzalez.

The victim is 25-year-old Vladimir Santos. His family told CBS4 News that the house was in foreclosure and the bank had told Vladimir not to pay rent.

CBS4 News was there when Maria Santos visited her husband’s memorial in front of the home for the first time since his death. She knelt and kissed his photographs.

“Everyone here seems to describe your husband as an amazing family man,” CBS4’s Gio Benitez told Santos.

“He was. He was everything,” she said.

Santos is not only a wife, but an expectant mother. Maria and Vladimir were about to have their fourth child — their first girl. But Monday afternoon, that happiness turned into tragedy.

“When I heard gunshots, I came out and I found him,” Santos told Benitez.

She found Vladimir dead in their home with gunshot wounds to the head. Gonzalez apparently came to the Santos home wanting his rent money.

“Over money, you don’t take somebody’s life. You don’t. You don’t,” said Beatriz Almansa, a family friend who has known Vladimir for more than a decade.

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2 Responses to “Bank Tells Tenant to Stop Paying Rent, Landlord Shoots and Kills Tenant for Non Payment”
  1. smallz says:

    (((shaking my head)))

    It’s amazing to me how the worlds most evil people get the little people to do all of thier dirty work for them.

    85% of Americans are deaf, dumb and blind. 10% are totally commited to wrongdoing: Which leaves only 5% with desire to do the right thing.

    A tragic situation that’s gonna get a lot worse before it gets better.

  2. This highlights a huge and growing problem. Tenants are harassed to pay rent even after the building was lost to the bank in foreclosure proceedings (even going so far as to put up fake eviction notices on the doors of homes or apartments they no longer own after foreclosure sales). The tenants are often not informed of the foreclosure or the status of the foreclosure process and are only notified when the bank contacts them OR when a sheriff comes with a Writ of Possession in hand. They often have no funds to start over (first month rent, last month rent, and security deposit and funds needed to move and pay for rental applications).

    The foreclosure crisis is not just impacting homeowners. The foreclosures are far downstream from many defrauded people standing on the riverbanks.

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