BOA, aka Bank of America, Tries to Rape and Pillage a PAID IN FULL Home AGAIN!!!

I have had enough of this shit, haven’t you?

Homeowner – “I Honestly Felt Like Bank of America was Trying to Steal my Property”

Lets see, how many times have I posted about BOA and other “lenders”  “Trashing Out” <– Link, homes this year?


Sorry, I ran out of fingers…

Here is an extra one since I ran out…

TUOLUMNE, Calif. — Cindy Willmes paid cash for her Tuolumne home in 2001. So she was quite surprised when Bank of America send her a notice of default on the property in February.

“I honestly felt like Bank of America was trying to steal my property,” Willmes said.

She contacted Bank of America to try to find out why the bank believed it could foreclose on property she had purchased outright.

Willmes has chain-of-ownership records, which show Bank of America had sold the property to Fannie Mae years earlier. Fannie Mae foreclosed on the previous owner, and Willmes purchased the property with cash from Fannie Mae.

But Willmes said Bank of America did not care about the documentation.

The bank proceeded with the foreclosure, placing ads in the local paper and nailing a foreclosure notice to her door.

“I called the title company, the title company called B of A, and they refused to rescind it,” Willmes said.

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  1. lisamarie says:

    The legal system needs to come down hard on these shisters. The way the system has worked in the past, the banks have had free reign to do as they please. Imagine if you will how many of the hundreds of thousands of foreclosures in the past two years that were illegal as the bank had no standing! Weve not seen the last of the havoc. This shows the banks will continue with this outrageous behavior until they are squashed by the book. Hit them with the book! Maximum sanctions!

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