Whoa – President Obama Visits 4closureFraud.org?

The Executive Office of the President (EOP) consists of the immediate staff of the President…

First of all I want to thank everyone for a very successful gathering at the Florida Bar Event. Over the last few days we organized, networked and strategized with the best of the best in the “Foreclosure World” arena.

We had a reporter from the NY Times, that Gretchen Morgenson sent in, (GAME CHANGER REPORT BTW), a Reporter from the Daily Business Review, (a publication for judges and attorneys in FL) and some independent website bloggers show up to cover the event.

Unfortunately, none of the “Local Media” in Florida felt any of this was worth their while to cover, even after numerous attempts on our part to include them in the activities, with one exception

Anyway, going forward, there will be more and more collaboration between all involved to better attack the frauds that are being perpetrated on the courts of Florida.

Hours upon ours of video was recorded and many photos were taken at the “event” and will be put up in the next few days.

Thank you to all the speakers and attendees.

We could not of pulled this off without YOU!

With that being said, it appears that President Obama, or someone with his login credentials :), visited 4closureFraud.org today.

Now, it is not unusual in a typical day to have the DOJ, DOS, FBI, Federal Reserve, OTC, SEC, Freddie, Fannie, and other government agencies stop by and spend a few hours reading the truths on this site (yes I do keep track), BUT this is the first time I have seen this particular visitor stop by…

Google the ip address, it is authentic…


You think we might be on to something???



12 Responses to “Whoa – President Obama Visits 4closureFraud.org?”
  1. Jonathan Copeland says:

    To this day, CHASE has never explained why 3 house payments in a row were forwarded all over the country, claimed they were lost, and forced me into foreclosure.
    One week AFTER my home was auctioned on the courthouse steps, ALL THREE payments were in my mailbox. Nothing stated anything about forwarding. All three were stamped “RTS-BOX FULL”.

    I haven’t seen a single penny of any supposed “Settlement” either. My Credit is RUINED, and through NO FAULT of my own!
    CHASE is just another FRAUD!!

  2. Well…there is two ways to look at this visiter to 4closurefraud…same as a street can run two ways..each way going in opposite directions. With thoughts of all issues and matter’s that the average Joe has had to endure over many years now…and to face foreclosures that were planned to fail from the closing date on..setting the pattern as planned into the fraud deliberately done to all investor’s and borrower’s of homes…this vast degree of crime being ignored by our government, our States and Courts…is outrageously disgusting. Of course there is anger all over our country…there is reason to be…look at the condition of the over-all country. Look at who has gone to the poor house and who has gotten richer.
    Now to see some action into this banking mess…with drive going in the opposite direction then those listed above…this country has a good chance to survive and move on….But the condition’s need to be handled the proper way..the legal way..by the laws of the land not the bank’s laws. The time has come for the CHANGE we were promised. Give America back to the people..out of the hands of the banks. The root of all evil is MONEY..and greed was the banks main goal… but they were caught in the act of the crime.

  3. mike says:

    I believe good will overcome evil, my mortgage was with Washentaw Mortgage company (pretender Lender out of business. looks like they sold it to Fannie Mae no trail on paperwork then Everhome bank has it with no paperwork trail they did not have to show the note, they just said they had it and the judge believed them. Going up for sherriffs auction on 01/24/2011. What would i need to file to stop this before it is too late. Stark County Ohio address 3377 Edison St NW Uniontown, Ohio 44685 my phone number is 330-328-5048 or mikesimmons001@gmail.com this is my second home and my son and grandson live there. I fall under the dual track loan mod they say they try to help while foreclosing. home underwater and so on.

  4. Linda Venturella says:

    FOX news is proving to be a bigger sham by the day. Today I flipped them on for a moment , and not much to my surprise they are continuing to try and DOWNPLAY FORECLOSUREGATE and my outrage is becoming so palpable that my brain is about to hemomorage. After a couple of minutes of watching in nauseum, I proceeded to send them yet another scathing e-mail. Do they really think they can sugar coat this and dance around it? They really take us for stupid idiots. The moron of today on FOX was someone by the name of Mickey Cargyle. He does not think that our homes should be wrote down to the current market value to help us get a fair chance for a sustainable loan mod.. Well hell no! They are not through raping and pillaging all of us. They want to finish the job.After the crooks falsely inflated the housing market, then deflated the housing market, they have to STEAL as many homes as they can right now so that when they artificially re-inflate the housing market, after systematically wiping out the middle class,, then they can make some more money in a another scheme they are sure to cook up. I hope WALL STREET, THE BIG BANKS, GEITNER, THE TREASURY AND WHOEVER ELSE IS COMPLICATE IN THIS, get ssued up the wazzoo by every American citizen they have tried to stick it to. I hope it is a sue happy free for all by the American people, and they can never steal another dime from the American people again in one of their schemes. Now it is time for some of their bad KARMA they have created to come back to them.

  5. One could only hope that someone with the authority to STOP THE THIEVES WOULD DO SOMETHING! Our judicial system is suppose to be a way to amicably settle matters so there is no violence. They have let our judicial system become so corrupt its not funny.

    Tell the truth! You employ the judges to remove the TRUTH from the court records. You employ the trusttees and attorneys to decieve us about our rights. The corrupt ones really need to be had. I think we need to start a blog for the JUDGES that allow the FRAUDS to continually remove adversaries which takes a case from civil to criminal. To disbar both the attorneys and judges for their corruption. BETTER YET make the AMERICAN PEOPLE THE JUDGES….Majority wins! This crap of outright theft and destruction of families has to STOP!

    Please get OFF YOUR ASSES AND BRING THE CRIMINALS IN THAT PARTICPATE WITH THEM…The judges, The attorneys…Shapiro and Kreisman, Maxwell, Bryan Voss, Judge Barry Schermer, Carol Jackson, Charles Shaw, James Moody, Judge Loken, and Leon Holmes …They know whats happening and have encouraged the TREATMENT of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Along with the US Attorneys

  6. Alina says:

    To whomever from the White House is viewing this page – I hope it is you, President Obama:

    The banks have lied and stolen trillions of dollars from hardworking Americans. We, the People, were asked to help the banks by giving them our hard earned tax dollars. In exchange, the banks were supposed to help struggling homeowners. We all know how that has ended. The banks gorged themselves with our hard earned money and we, the People, have been left out in the cold. Once again, the banks stole from us.

    The banksters have single-handedly destoryed the middle class. They admit to their bad deeds in front of Congress yet they are allowed to continue with business as usual. Had the administration paid off every single mortgage in the United States, the price would have been far less than the $700 billion spent on the lying banksters.

    Mr. President, I request a national moratorium on foreclosures. The banks should not be able to double dip – they’ve been paid through insurance proceeds. Additionally, our tax dollars have paid the banks more than what was owed on the mortgages.

    It’s time that the People of the United States received justice. The laws enacted by Congress in an attempt to protect consumrs have been eviscerated by the judicial system. TILA is a joke. Judges routinely issue rulings contrary to the spirit and the letter of the law under TILA. Struggling homeowners have no recourse for the fraud committed against them in the origination of the loans. The working people are getting shafted on a daily basis. There is a strong anger rising on a grass roots level that will overtake.

    Mr, President, you ran on the platform of change – now is the time for change. It’s time to play hardball with the lying scumbags from the banks and Wall Street. We, the People, are behind you.

    Alina A. Virani

  7. Andrew says:

    If our president…or someone in his liege…is viewing the fraud we are uncovering…well I hope and pray they are taking heed and not aim.

  8. Elyse says:

    If anyone from the Administration is actually reading the many “true” stories from this site explaining the devistation going on around the Coutry with these banks, I say HURRAY!!

    I am knee deep in legal papers fighting to keep my home so if anyone from the White House can feel the pain and suffering going on in every American Street , it may open their eyes to the deceit and level of cooruption be aimed on 60 million of us!!

    The IRS is on everyone’s backs trying to squeez funds anyway they can. If someone would just look into the MERS operation and the BILLIONS of dollars they have milked out of every County Recorder’s Offices in every State, those funds should be the target of the IRS…certainly not us!! We are all struggling just to keep the elecvtricy on and food on our tables! MERS are bankrupt this Country by NOT FILING LOAN DOCS…saving the fees and creating a nightmare to track mortgages the “normal” way!! Their paperless system has ruined any prospect of locating a “paper trail” on who actually owns the mortgages on our 60 million loans?? The only way for them to win is to FORECLOSE on us and sell it to someone else, thus creating a NEW NOTE and believe me when I say, MERS will then begin to file the loan documents in the County Recorders to cover up their nasty sceam!! BERNIE MADOFF is small potatoes compared to MERS…

    Come on Mr. President, help us out here!!
    God Bless The USA…we sure need it!

  9. indio007 says:

    I doubt they’re looking at the site for good reasons. Especially considering the US is trying to reinflate the economy. Hard to do when there are no “new” assets monetized into the banking system because they can’t steal property as they anticipated.

  10. Weeeeellllll, Isn’t that impressive?
    Congrats on the success this week, wish I could have attended.
    Keep up the good work!

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