Did Palm Beach County Florida Just Announce it is a NON-Judicial County?

The image above reminds me of what is happening across our country regarding the mass foreclosure crisis…

How can it be that there are MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people losing everything they ever had due to the same circumstances?

Answer: FRAUD

Fraud perpetrated on the people, not by the people…

20 million homeowner did not gather around the kitchen table one night and said lets take down the financial system, the entire global economy.

No, this was a very well planned, highly complex ponzi scheme that attacked this country greater than any “terrorist attack” ever could.

With that said…

There is something VERY wrong here…


Today there was a meeting held at the Palm Beach County court house at 8am RE foreclosure cases.

Usually, any announcements from the court are emailed to anyone that subscribes to their updates, but this one did not go out.

That didn’t stop “certain attorneys” from “certain firms” from attending.

The only reason we knew of the event was because someone checks the judicial administration site on a daily basis.

Some details…


“We’ve been doing a great job with 1,000-1,200 summary judgments per month but we are really going to be making progress with our backlog.”


News of a deposit of a one time allocation of $403,000.00 to the 15th Circuit Court mandated in April by the Florida Legislature to help the foreclosure crisis in our courts…


The goal is to identify and hire
“senior judges”
brought in to help run foreclosures through at a pace of
2,000 summary judgments per week.


Have you ever been in front of a “Senior Judge”?

Hearing time, 30 seconds, 2 mins per case, if you’re represented…

I suggest you try it sometime… (Not for the faint of heart, see disclaimer to the right on this site)

Due Process? I don’t think so, but hey, I’m no attorney.

Two thousand homes per week ordered to be sold to undamaged parties.

Got that, TWO THOUSAND HOMES PER WEEK handed over to entities that can not prove up any of their allegations!

Allegations that OVERRULE the EVIDENCE in almost every case brought before this court.

What is the impact of this going to be on this community, the crime levels?

All just to get their “numbers” and clear their docket…

Hey, why not… That’s the Foreclosure Mills business model, the faster you process the foreclosures, the more money you make…

Then the mandatory mediation program was discussed, HA.  It will be managed by the PBC Bar.

If it is anything like the mediation currently running now, you can, well I wont say…

The way “mediation” is run now is, the “senior judge” orders at summary judgment, “60 days to mediation, 120 days to sale”.

Do you think that any of these foreclosing entities are going to “modify” anything after they were “rewarded” the property?

Hell, you have been trying all the way up until this point to work something out without any success… Do you think now that they have been “rewarded” the property they are going to work with you at the “mediation session”?

I think not…

Who is really getting the “free house” here?

Judge Jennifer Bailey

“We don’t make widgets, we don’t build clocks, we don’t build cars.  We have nothing but the pleadings we file and sign our name to evidence the quality and integrity of who we are.”

Now, imagine what happens when this foreclosure crisis is over. All these young attorneys that have been taught it is okay to fabricate anything they need to win, lie to the courts to succeed, do whatever it takes to secure the victory.

What happens when these attorneys enter other areas of law,  criminal for example?

Do they then create evidence to persecute innocent individuals to send them to the gas chamber, the electric chair, or as just recently, the firing squad, just to clear the backlog of cases on their dockets?

Anyway, just thinking out-loud…



6 Responses to “Did Palm Beach County Florida Just Announce it is a NON-Judicial County?”
  1. Lit Gant says:

    Ok I am dumb here, can you post a copy of your affiidavit of negative averment so we know what you are taking about?

  2. kevin says:

    It;s quite simple. File an affiidavit of negative averment. Shuts them down immediately. Summary Judgment cancelled 3 x. They can’t answer the averment. They can’t because it will show the fraud. I’ve been asked by the law firm if we wanted to settle.”yes” Waiting on a letter from law firm.

  3. Why bother with judicial elections?

    Senior judges: they were voted in or in the alternative, appointed and then never opposed. BUT then they retired and are now being “identified” to come back to work. How would that work with a president or governor or other elected position?

  4. Alina says:


    The way to protest this is to sit in the courtrooms and record everything. The media must get involved. But something that is even better than the media is the internet. The internet is viral. Post anything and everything you find. As long as these proceedings are held in the dark, the foreclosure mills will be able to get with whatever they want. They must be exposed. Judges must be shamed and exposed. Do FOIA requests for the financial statements of judges. Most judges have a conflict of interest because they own stock in the banks. Get that info. Only when we stand up for our rights will we win. There is a saying: “Stand up and be counted.” This is what we must do.

    It is not easy but everything worthwhile in this world involves hard struggles. We cannot give up and we cannot let them drown out our voices.

  5. Debbie says:

    As someone who recently went through the new PBC “rocket docket” (although at the time, I was unaware of the term – then I found this site, along with other similar sites), I can assure you that this is taking place. It may be too late for me (and as I found out later, my documents have the smell of fraud all over them). But hopefully, I will be able to tell my story so it can help another person. I didn’t educate myself in the rules of civil procedure; I blindly (like lady justice) believed that officers of the court would be ethical in their pursuit. Yes, I was so very wrong. Don’t let it happen to you! Stand up and shout.

  6. Kathleen says:

    How do we protest this? I’m willing to sit on a bus to Tally again–10 hrs each way–if it’ll help.


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