1. “Trust me, I’m your friend.”

  2. “Hi! I want to be your Lender” (pretender lender)

  3. “I’ve got a great deal for you”

  4. “Here is the name of the underwriter of your loan.”

  5. “Here is the appraisal — it came in higher than your deal.”

  6. “You can rely on the appraisal”

  7. “It’s a 30 year loan” (1-6 years actually)

  8. “This is your interest rate”

  9. “This is your APR”

  10. “Prices only go up in housing”

  11. “You’ll be able to refinance in a year and take out more money.”

  12. “Here is the name of your Lender”

  13. “It’s just a formality”

  14. “These are form documents and cannot be changed”

  15. “You don’t need a lawyer”

  16. “This is a straight forward industry standard loan.”

  17. “This is the mortgage broker” (versus several parties undisclosed acting as brokers)

  18. “The settlement statement shows all the fees and commissions.”

  19. “Your payments will be credited to your account.”

  20. “The settlement statement shows the insurance contracts.”

  21. “This is the beneficiary under your deed of trust.”

  22. “This is the mortgagee under your mortgage.”

  23. “This is the balance due on your loan.”

  24. “This is a computer printout of the accounting for all credits and debits on this loan.”

  25. “Your loan is in default.”


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