Man Facing Foreclosure Attempts to Blow Up Bank with Car Rigged with Exposives

I hope this isn’t the start of something. People can only take so much and when pushed too far they can snap.


“The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose.”

James Arthur Baldwin

Lockport Man Tries to Blow Up Bank With Car

Man’s home was in foreclosure, witness says

The threat of a home foreclosure may have been the reason a southwest suburban Lockport man tried to blow up a bank with his car Friday night.

The man parked his car, which was rigged with explosives, outside the front entrance of the PNC Bank near 9th and Read streets in Lockport at about 8:30 p.m. Friday.

Using a detonator, the man set off the explosives, blowing out the building’s doors and windows, the Herald News reported, citing authorities.

The bank was closed at the time and there weren’t any employees inside when the bomb went off.  No injuries have been reported.

The man was arrested at a nearby Speedway convenience store, said store employee Mary Craig.

“His house was foreclosed and his car repossessed,” she said.


3 Responses to “Man Facing Foreclosure Attempts to Blow Up Bank with Car Rigged with Exposives”
  1. geezeweb says:

    Those exposives are the most dangerous kind.

  2. Elyse says:

    There was also a man that flew his plane into an IRS Building because of their way of handeling issues effecting AMerican’s lives. More and more, we are seeing the pain the Wall Street Banksters have created and there is no end in sight…The President signed a Bill yesterday to tie up many loop holes in the financial idustry, however, the Banksters are big and powerful and donate billions of dollars to the Politicians.

    In order for real change:
    * ALL political offices should be a 2 term timeframe, then go back to normal lives, without the Government paycheck’s and medical benefits they now continue to receive for the rest of their lives!! What kind of a job does that?
    * NO Lobbiest allowed anywhere, period!
    * Get America back FOR THE PEOPLE…BY THE PEOPLE!!
    * Demand ONLY Made In The USA products to be sold here.
    * Bring back the millions of jobs granted to foreign countries…that means ALL JOBS!
    * Employers stop hiring illegal’s…can’t understand them at the drive thrus at all anymore!
    * Close the banks down…use credit unions (operated by members for members) Banks have become to corpupt, they just have so close them down, they are killing the American way of life as it was designed.
    * Obtain loans from the Government for our needs…We pay the taxes to have it there so to gain low interest loans to buy houses and start business will help our lives.
    * Lastly, bring our American troops home from around the world! Who made us the WOLRD POLICE?
    We need those troops here to protect the American lifestyle, not to force others to live our way or else? Take that oil that is destroying our air, water and lands and keep it in your own countries. We are Americans and can certainly make changes to use alternative sources for energy…Ahh…wind!!

    Just had to rant this morning!!

    • JoAnne says:

      I totally agree with your view of how the government should be. Unfortunately they control the education systems and so many people remain ignorant of what we see. I won’t give up hope, I just keep preaching, wish we had one place to go for all of us to demonstrate. Let’s hold out on paying taxes so they have no paychecks, retake the luxuries they have using our money. It was never intended to be a career. We all have to pitch in to keep our society civil.

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