Another Insider Comes Forward From Provest – Other Monsters in the Sea – Sewer Service

Here is an interesting comment that appears to be from an employee over at ProVest LLC in relation to this post…

Another Insider Comes Forward – Other Monsters in the Sea – Sewer Service

Posted by Foreclosure Fraud on May 25, 2010 · 2 Comments (Edit)

Again From the Hamlet… “Another area that should be investigated in the foreclosure mill process is the “process serving” Mills such as ProVest LLC. I worked at ProVest for 7 months a few years ago, as jobs are scarce. There were some issues there of some of the servers just “drop serving” the summons, (just … Read more


It seems to be authentic. The ip address it was posted from is within a 15 mile radius of Provest LLC in Tampa…


Bend over and take it says:

I am a Team lead for Provest and must denounce these alligations. Sure its true that Provest LLC falsifies documents, overcharge clients and has Process servers lie to expidite service and meet our unreasonable deadlines given to us by our great leaders. My manager, Mr. James Wood, (no not James Woods) likes to say “We are doing a great service for the law firms who expect us to do this.” I would have to say that at least 30% of our work has been done in some illegal way. Thanks to our management team, work re-training our employees to “look the other way” as we rape the legal system, repeatedly, has helped Provest reap the rewards. Some major Law firms have already caught on to our practices and have pulled away from Provest LLC, but they will be back. They always come back. Thats why we are one of the top process serving management companies around. I mean, who else will do what is needed to push these bad services and false documents through? In Conclusion, I have to say please, please do not say such horrible things about Provest, It may affect my lifestyle and the only way i will be able to pay for my new home. Please feel free to leave comments to my immediate manager at, but only if you have positive comments about our company. God knows that we could use good comments since even our employees hate it here.


I think the Attorney General’s Office would love an affidavit from you.

If interested just let us know and we can make it happen…


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  1. John Doe says:

    Hello everyone I was recently let go from Provest and the illegal actions that I saw within the company are unbelievable. If the attorney general were to investigate they would probably be closed down or better regulated. Affidavits have been forged etc. It is a disgrace that companies can be ran in such matters. Shame on the people that allow these illegal actions. This is no different than the subprime mortgage business there’s no regulation. Its sad to see how people are taken advantage of

  2. Ha-ha-hah! You’ re lucky if you at least somehow served! I chased my Process Server Mr. DAVID BRAXTON from the “Provest” (Jacksonville is located in more than 15 miles from Tampa) with Police Officer K. KILLIAN(ID: 67416). On July 30, 2009 I found sticker at my door, “Please contact Dave @ 904-477-2840, I have important legal document. Date 7-30 Time: 2:10 PM. I called to Mr. “Dave”, there is only answer machine… I tried to find on Internet: to whom belong this tel.#. I paid for this service and get his ADDRESS and FULL NAME. Then (08/13/09) I called to Police and asked Police Officer to RESQUE my “legal document” I thought stolen from my mail box by someone who wanted to sell it me back. Shortly Police Officer came back (he loocked very glad like after GOOD DINNER!) and said that this tel. belongs to Atlanta, GA (are they have the same area code: “904”?), at this address (I provided!) Mr. BRAXTON lived long time ago (he ranted an apartment). On Sept. 15, 2009 I received “Notice of Action” with Complaint (without date) and rushed to the Duval Courthouse. I found huge package of documents including Summons. Summons dated by Jul. 29, 2009, but paid on Sept. 14, 2009 (Docket Sheet). There is “Affidavit of Constructive Service” (Sept 01, 2009 or two weeks earlier than Summons ACTUALLY were “born”!). And here is an “Affidavit of Avoidance for …me” (I “was” served NINE TIMES and I “avoided” the Process!!!. Such UNBELIEVABLE BULL SHIT!!! All these LIES filed under OATH!!! “Notice of Action” has been sent by MARSHALL C. WATSON LAW OFFICES in the envelope with NO RETURN ADDRESS (I simply compared Post Office Zip Code with the addrees of Law Firm). I did answer, any way, filing the Counter Claim and little bit later Third-Party Claim against Process Server, Police Officer & Watson’s Law Firm. All my Claims were DISMISSED without ANY sufficient explanations by Judge Taylor (I filed recently Mot. to Disqualify the Judge” and he is GONE!!! Now my Case …in the LOBBY! No one judge wants to accept it…. So? I’m the DEFENDANT, I did not file frivolous Law Suit with NO REALL PLAINTIFF against myself. Go ahead, sue me someone, PLEA-A-A-SE! Take my house if you can! I’m PRO SE, 63 y.o. woman with limited English. I moved for “Request for Production”, “Request for Admission” and “Written Interrogatories” and they produce “ZERO”. By the way, Law Firm is different now (Watson gone ill-sick from my filings. Now the Counsel for DUMMY PLAINTIFF (I took loan from Bank of America but foreclosure proceeding started WELLS FARGO BANK I never heard about) is LIEBLER, GONZALEZ & PORTUONDO, P.A.. For me this is not big difference: I never saw even door staps of Law School. All what I need to find out THE TRUTH and JUSTICE. Is it too much to asked???

    • Yes, I forgot to give you my Case No.: 16-2009-CA-011566. It is “public” record but try to open it in the 4th Judicial Circuit, Duval County Courthouse! It says, “NO RECORDS MATCH YOUR SEARCH CRITERIA”. The FBI and Law Firms can open this File, but PUBLIC – NO, NO, NO!

  3. provest – meet his kevlar vest!

  4. Bill McAuliffe says:

    What are you shooting for? A shorter prison sentence?

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