Part Deux – 2nd Full Deposition of the Infamous Cheryl Samons of the “Law Offices” of David J. Stern

Hat tip to reader jstchillin for emailing over this depo…

I now present to you a 2nd Depo of the Infamous Cheryl Samons of the “Law Offices” of David J. Stern…

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Looks like more forged signatures… The signature for Shannon Smith sure looks like Cheryl Samons’… Looks like the document is signed by Cheryl for MERS, witnessed by Cheryl under the guise of Shannon, and notarized by Cheryl, again under the guise of Shannon… Look the same? I have seen Shannon’s signature elsewhere and it looks … Read more

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ICE LEGAL does it AGAIN! Thomas Ice is clearing the path once again. First the Erica Johnson-Seck deposition, now Cheryl Samons (which may have been responsible for more Floridians losing their homes  than any other person in the state). Imagine if all the Foreclosure Defense Attorneys here in Florida got together and worked as Co-Counsel … Read more




2nd Full Deposition of the Infamous Cheryl Samons of the “Law Offices” of David J. Stern

7 Responses to “Part Deux – 2nd Full Deposition of the Infamous Cheryl Samons of the “Law Offices” of David J. Stern”
  1. Notary says:

    Also as an additional comment, WHY ARE THEY STILL CARRYING A COMMISSION?

    Why had the Governor’s office not REVOKED their commissions. These notaries acted in collusion with these lenders!!!

    This is FRAUD committed on the courts and the people.

    And why aren’t the ones that were not commissioned that forged the notary’s signature being charged ?

  2. Notary says:

    Everyone of these notaries should be fined to the fullest extent of the law ($5K per seal) and imprisoned to the fullest extent (5 years per seal).

    There is no excuse for any of this in the State of Florida. Florida does require and has required notary education since at least 2000 and the laws governing the acts of a notary are very clear in this state. There is no grey area; therefore, no excuse for any of the acts committed by these notaries.

    People should be going after these notaries in these suits as well since they are required by state law to carry a bond to protect the consumer for a notary’s bad act.

    Also, it should be put in discovery to find out if each one has an E&O policy which is optional. If they have an E&O Policy then claims should be filed against those also.

    It is this type of corrupt and bankrupt behavior that reflects badly on the Notary Public badly.

    If these notaries had conducted themselves in accordance to the laws of the state, most of these things could not possibly have happened. They are equally or even more culpable than the banks (if that is even possible).

  3. WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOooo ======== YEEEEEEEeeeee HOOOOOO = ~ )

  4. Yeah… that’d be sweet!


  5. lisamarie says:

    She needs to be in PRISON!!!

  6. indio007 says:

    She got her a$$ whomped! She had the note vs mortgage law completely backwards hahaha My god that was almost painful to read. I almost felt bad for her.

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