Part Deux – 2nd Full Deposition of the Infamous Cheryl Samons of the “Law Offices” of David J. Stern

Hat tip to reader jstchillin for emailing over this depo…

I now present to you a 2nd Depo of the Infamous Cheryl Samons of the “Law Offices” of David J. Stern…

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Looks like more forged signatures… The signature for Shannon Smith sure looks like Cheryl Samons’… Looks like the document is signed by Cheryl for MERS, witnessed by Cheryl under the guise of Shannon, and notarized by Cheryl, again under the guise of Shannon… Look the same? I have seen Shannon’s signature elsewhere and it looks … Read more

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ICE LEGAL does it AGAIN! Thomas Ice is clearing the path once again. First the Erica Johnson-Seck deposition, now Cheryl Samons (which may have been responsible for more Floridians losing their homes  than any other person in the state). Imagine if all the Foreclosure Defense Attorneys here in Florida got together and worked as Co-Counsel … Read more




2nd Full Deposition of the Infamous Cheryl Samons of the “Law Offices” of David J. Stern
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8 Responses to “Part Deux – 2nd Full Deposition of the Infamous Cheryl Samons of the “Law Offices” of David J. Stern”
  1. Ray Shelton says:

    Ray Shelton May 19, 2014 at 7:49 pm
    If you are being foreclosed on By US Bank and or SN Servicing ( Please No Other banks or services please) Please check the signatures on your deed in your county clerks office, if you are sure that forgery or falsification of your documents has taken place then call me ASAP we are going after anyone who has wrong us by forgery and or uttering forgery under the RICO ACT. This is happening now 2014 Please join us. call 352 274 8467 Ray Shelton
    #1. Did A Serious Crime of forgery and Uttering forgery take place by US Bank and their attorneys against you ?
    #2. The OCCs Cease and desist order signed by US Bank and its Board of directors specifically says that US Bank and its third parties ( Servicer’s and attorneys) will stop this kind of criminal activity immediately and make restitution, but they have only escalated their activities of illegally taking homes in Florida via Forgery and falsifying documents etc.:

    MEDIA STORY LINE. A Well known highly respected Florida Notary and his wife who witness the signing of a deed and mortgage have come forward and signed a statement sworn under oath that the signatures on a deed and mortgage were originally signed in Royal Blue. They even went to the Marion County Clerk of the Court and had another notary witness the fact that they viewed the recorded deed and mortgage that was submitted by US Bank and then witnessed that the documents were not sign in Royal Blue. But in fact were signed in Black. It is clear by any reasonable person or most important by Law Enforcement and our Judges, that after US Bank claimed a lost note status for a couple of years, they had no choice but to forge the deed and note in order to have standing in court.
    The Shelton family is being illegally foreclosed on by US Bank who has already paid out multi million dollar fines, but no one has gone to jail. Who is actually committing these crimes? Was it DocX or LPS or is it their attorneys? This needs to be discovered and prosecuted by the Feds because it is a very serious issue that is costing the American public billions of dollars in loses. It apparently doesn’t matter to US bank that the homeowner is right or wrong because no normal family can stand up to the money that is used to win by attrition against a homeowner. Who will protect the public and stop the destruction of hundred of thousands of families lives all across this nation?
    This is also very wrong because Us Bank and their attorneys may be undermining the integrity of our entire Justice system and the American way of life as it is known today. Will it end up that it is ok to forge our most treasured document without any prosecution by our government? This is becoming a crime wave that is unparalleled in history and America must stop it. Have Multiple interstate crimes been committed multiple times By US Bank and their attorneys ? Should these issues be considered within the Rico Crimes Laws. US Bank has not stopped their behavior, are the fines way to low and they just don’t care because the numbers prove that they can still make huge profits by continuing on the same path? Where is Law Enforcement? Where is Eric Holder? Where is OBAMA???
    The Shelton Family didn’t discover the facts about the forgeries until they had already lost in every court even the appeals court. Now that they found out and have proof of forgery shouldn’t all the other ruling be null and void? The Shelton’s are filing a Civil Criminal Lawsuit against the attorneys Andrew Braaksma and Paul McKenna and another Civil Rico law suite against US Bank and SN servicing.
    The Shelton’s have filed a bar complaint with the Florida bar against Andrew Braaksma out of Miami and his partner Paul Mckenna for Uttering Forgery and other reasons to be announced. They have also filed a complaint with the FBI and with the Florida Attorney General. They will soon ask the Office of State wide prosecution to take the case. There will also be some press conferences set up to expose the Miami Attorneys and US Bank. Shouldn’t this case be moved up to the Federal courts and demand relief and for the prosecution of the Miami Attorneys and US Bank? To join us please call 352 274 8467 Ray Shelton

  2. Notary says:

    Also as an additional comment, WHY ARE THEY STILL CARRYING A COMMISSION?

    Why had the Governor’s office not REVOKED their commissions. These notaries acted in collusion with these lenders!!!

    This is FRAUD committed on the courts and the people.

    And why aren’t the ones that were not commissioned that forged the notary’s signature being charged ?

  3. Notary says:

    Everyone of these notaries should be fined to the fullest extent of the law ($5K per seal) and imprisoned to the fullest extent (5 years per seal).

    There is no excuse for any of this in the State of Florida. Florida does require and has required notary education since at least 2000 and the laws governing the acts of a notary are very clear in this state. There is no grey area; therefore, no excuse for any of the acts committed by these notaries.

    People should be going after these notaries in these suits as well since they are required by state law to carry a bond to protect the consumer for a notary’s bad act.

    Also, it should be put in discovery to find out if each one has an E&O policy which is optional. If they have an E&O Policy then claims should be filed against those also.

    It is this type of corrupt and bankrupt behavior that reflects badly on the Notary Public badly.

    If these notaries had conducted themselves in accordance to the laws of the state, most of these things could not possibly have happened. They are equally or even more culpable than the banks (if that is even possible).

  4. WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOooo ======== YEEEEEEEeeeee HOOOOOO = ~ )

  5. Yeah… that’d be sweet!


  6. lisamarie says:

    She needs to be in PRISON!!!

  7. indio007 says:

    She got her a$$ whomped! She had the note vs mortgage law completely backwards hahaha My god that was almost painful to read. I almost felt bad for her.

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