Two Dead in Foreclosure Eviction Standoff in Home of Over 30 Years

Reno, NV

Deputies serving an eviction notice at the home where two people died in a standoff and fire, made an unexpected discovery that alerted them to problems before they heard what they believed was gunfire.

Excerpts from the report…

Eviction notices had already been served and Tuesday was to be the last day for 83 year old Therese Christenson and her 45 year old son Axel in the home they had shared for more than 30 years.

As it turned out, they were apparently prepared for that knock on the door.

Police say the home had been heavily fortified.  “All the windows and doors had been boarded up with pressured board and plywood from the inside,” says Reno Police Lieutenant Robert Nuttal, adding that it was later learned the front door had been barricaded with cases of ceramic tile.

Investigators still don’t know the origins of the sounds they heard inside, two sets of what were described as gunshots or explosions.

Arson experts will pin down the source of the fire that followed, but there’s every indication it was also deliberately set.

The two bodies were found together in the kitchen of the home.

Authorities say most evictions are accomplished with little confrontation. This case is a reminder that they can also go the other way.

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2 Responses to “Two Dead in Foreclosure Eviction Standoff in Home of Over 30 Years”
  1. MeeshaLin says:

    So So Sad….. I don’t even know why I still read these horrible stories.

  2. Bobbi Swann says:

    My heart is saddeded at yet another tragic loss of life from this horrific fraudclosure crisis. I just cannot imagine the desperation of an elderly woman and her middle-aged son must have endured and all the while the fat cats in DC sit perched atop their pile of wealth. Yes they say you die, they win but do they? So many innocent lives are being taken and the tragedy of it all to end their own personal suffering. Are we so full of apathy that countless lives are lost and there’s no recourse? I pray that in the arms of their maker they are now safe from harm, safe from the evil that dwells in this country and finally at peace.

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