Front Page Palm Beach Post = Illegal Foreclosures

Front Page Palm Beach Post = Illegal Foreclosures
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3 Responses to “Front Page Palm Beach Post = Illegal Foreclosures”
  1. I was so glad to see this in the Post FINALLY.

    Is anyone working on an internet petition to the White House/Geithner and/or the banking committee to revamp Hamp in time for the elections? I bet hundreds of us would sign. The President’s name is associated with the HAMP all over the Web…maybe he and the Democrats who are running this time will do something.

    The formula in the denial letter needs to be changed; some of us are told we earn $1000 per month too much to qualify and others are denied because they are $700-800 short of the amt. Also, the banks need to clarify who this investor is who wants us to be denied. When I found mine listed on the MERS and contacted them (B of NY Mellon, Cypress Ca) to ask why I was not allowed, they’d never heard of us or the house and asked me to FAX the MERS sheet and put my address on it. I hope to hear back from them in time to send their answer to OCC. After that I guess I’m stuck. I’ll try for Chapter 13, giving up old copyrights, my only assets.

    Such difficult times for senior citizens, well, for anyone.


  2. SHE’S CRAFTY (Meenu “The Rocket”)!!!


  3. Tim says:

    Dang that Judge Sasser must be living in a bubble. I guess her county is the only one without wide spread fraud. All three of these law firms file forclosures all day long in Palm Beach and get unwarranted summary judgements but Judge Sasser is quoted as saying the opposite” I have seen no widespread fraud in my court” WAKE UP JUDGE or remove yourself from the bench, before your the next one under investigation if you already are not. I hope Mr Ice stays hot on your tail.

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