My Country My Ass – Can you say “Psychological Warfare?”

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My Country My Ass


Project Overview

Can you say “Psychological Warfare?”

I have a project and I need the help of like minded people. I will try to be brief.
I have recorded an anti-government protest song. The style is country-rock, and the song is pretty direct.
I need people to request it on radio stations.

My goals are-

1. The short answer is, I want to influence the mass psychology of the entire nation. I want politicians and their staff to hear it and recognize that
We the People do not like what they are doing, and I want all other government employees to hear it and recognize that they are NOT just ordinary Americans trying to earn a living, they are on the wrong side and we do not like what they are doing either.
If you want to read the long answer click here
This is not about my music career. I do not have a music career. It is a hobby. I work hard and am taxed and regulated to death too.

The Plan-

1. I send copies of the song to country radio stations, state by state. Generally speaking, they are not going to play it.
2. Set up a web page for each state with a list of all radio stations that have the song, along with links to their request pages,
and e-mail addresses for Program Directors and requests.
3. Try to get people to request the song. The song title is “My Country, My Ass” (I said it was direct) by John Ringer.

I should probably say that it became necessary to re-record the song in a better studio to get a better sound, so
the version currently distributed is the same song but sounds much better than the stream or the video.


Tell them you aren’t a relative or a fan club member. You are ONE OF THEIR LISTENERS and you want them to play it.
Tell them you are not in the mood to hear “God Bless the USA” right now.

If you DON’T live in one of the following states, click here for iTunes and internet stations. They all have the song.

Use these links if you live IN OR NEAR any of the following states.

Click here to head over to to get to the links to request the song…


One Response to “My Country My Ass – Can you say “Psychological Warfare?””
  1. Wonderful! Hope it works and will call the local station.

    Just mailed a bad faith complaint about Chase Bank to the Sates’ Attorney. Chase says thery’re not going to cash our mortgage payments in the future. We set up an escrow acct for the amount and will mail them a check eveyr month anyhow. Chase is a full-time job, in additon to everything else!

    Working on a complaint for Eric Holder. The FBI was in our city a month ago taking depositions and will be back. It’s an ongoing struggle. Don’t lose heart–we have to hang in and keep fighting back.

    What waste of 18 months. Chase clearly never intended to give us the loan.

    HAMP loan banks are required to inform homeowners about changes in HAMP guidelines. I don’t know anyone in HAMP who was informed about the change (June) that allows participants to declare bankruptcy. It’s not in the banks’ intterest, so they didn’t “share.” Other changes were also made in June which we didn’t know till we spoke with a foreclosure attorney.

    The OCC and the States’ Attorneys need to be informed when banks fail to follow the guidelines..

    Now, they’re trying to intimidate us into a short sale. We still have equity; we don’t need to do that. We’ll have to take Chaper 13 in order to get the principal written down, and even that might not work wtih Chase.

    Kathleen in Boca Raton

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