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LINK – Housing Meltdown – Grassroots effort leads to attorney general probe

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Reader’s comments

Sirley Jones said: Thanks for finally focusing on this issue and affects everyone in the state of florida – hope there is a followup with information on how homeowners can help themselves in their areas

Jacqulyn Mack said: Thank you for highlighting all of Mr. Redman and Ms. Epstein’s considerable contributions to millions of American families who are facing foreclosure.

Alina said: Excellent article. Thank you Ms. Iuspa-Abbott for writing this piece. As a homeowner who fought with my servicer for approximately 3 years, I can tell you that getting this information out to the public is extremely beneficial. The amount of fraud present in every single foreclosure action is overwhelming. Michael and Lisa are doing a bang-up job in bringing this fraud to the forefront. They have dedicated themselves to exposing the truth about origination fraud, securitization fraud, servicer fraud, foreclosure mill fraud, etc. It has been through their tireless efforts that a coalition of attorneys and homeowners are united in exposing the truth about foreclosure fraud.

Chick Dante’ said: True, it was unfair for the government to bail out the banks but to provide so little help for the homeowner. But, that does not excuse the failure to make the agreed payments. I am amazed at how anger over the 2008 TARP program, proposed by Paulson in the Bush administration, has spilled over to the Obama administration and how so many folks use this misdirected anger as justification for returning Republicans to Congress all over again. This doesn’t make much sense to me. I understand the anger but cannot fathom voting back in the scoundrels who caused the problem in the first place. The mischief perpetrated by the foreclosure mills is also inexcusable.

Michael O. said: Great article: it’s amazing what two people can do to make a difference. The banks can spend their bottomless pit of taxpayer money on PR and lobbying but the truth still comes out. No matter how much they force us to borrow — money borrowed from our kids to leave those same kids homeless — they can’t overcome that this whole mess comes from incompetent, dishonest, deadbeat bankers who refuse to accept personal responsibility for the losses they’ve accumulated lending money they knew the borrowers couldn’t repay. Keep up the great work Lisa & Michael (no — a different Michael) and others .. lend a hand. History is in the making; nothing less than the core fabric of our economic and judicial system is at stake.

Kathy P. said: I am trying to duplicate Lisa’s success in getting the attention of my own state’s AG office. I have fraudulent documents and I am trying to spur an investigation in our state. As the foreclosure victims organize throughout the nation, we are pushing for all of us to take our findings to our state AG. Good for Lisa for taking the fight viral!

Diana Fuents said:It is about time somebody wrote about this stuff – we all see foreclosures in every neighborhood – makes sense what this article says.

Catherine said: I read the Article with much enthusiasm, and sadness. The Families being destroyed, ripped out of their homes, while big government bailouts protected the banks. I stand behind Lisa, and Michael. They’re great sources of Inspiration, Information, and the Voice for the ones who remain Silent. Thank You for a Great Article!

Pam said: Thank you so much for writing this article. It is critical that the public be informed in this issue. I would like to follow this important topic. I hope to see more on the subject.

Rachelle Roach said: I am in foreclosure with my home in Tampa, FL. I feel financially raped by “my bank,” Wells Fargo! EVERYTHING that Lisa & Michael have uncovered & said in this article is TRUE! I have seen it and pers. experienced it as well! There is SO much more to this story!!! To think that our own (so called), US banks et. al are STEALING from their own people is beyond criminal! The whole truth needs to come out! God bless both Lisa & Michael to expose this! I am behind them 100%— This should never, ever happen again!

Arpad said: God bless both of you! Thank you for your dedication, time and effort! You are a huge help to every single homeowner how are fighting the foreclosure mills. Thank you! Arpad

Stupendous Man said:I consider these two, Lisa and Michael, to be among the most important players in the state of Florida, and even on the national “foreclosure defense” stage. Their research and efforts are spot on accurate, voluminous and extremely deep. When I began my own journey down this rabbit hole there were very, very few resources I could turn to. I am in a different state so their work doesn’t apply to me and my case directly, but… Many of the same bad actors are involved all over the country and they are engaging in the same illegal, unethical and aberrant behavior everywhere. The deep research Lisa and Michael have done is an aid to ALL OF US!!! As well, when I began my own journey, there were very few defense attorneys that had any idea the extent of the fraud involved, or the potential defenses available. Through their hard work, and repeatedly knocking on the door of the Florida legal community, a network, a cadre even (or perhaps in the minds of foreclosing plaintiffs and counsel a band of evil henchman), of defense attorneys has been awakened and enlivened. This cadre of defense counsel are still utilizing the work of Lisa and Michael, even coming to rely on materials they provide and their opinions, which at this point have likely risen to the level of being qualified experts. It cannot be overstated how important it is for media around the country to research for themselves what is occurring in Florida courts (and other jurisdictions as this pattern is consistent all over the country) in re foreclosures, and to make the populace completely aware of the flaws, frauds and outright thefts that are occurring in broad daylight, in record numbers, EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Because our courts are failing to enforce the rules of procedure, the rules of evidence, are failing to grant defendants in foreclosure cases their rights to due process, both procedural and substantive, to accept clearly defective and fabricated documentation as legitimate, to disregard clear and obvious facts contrary to any plaintiffs allegations, to have done this so consistently, in so many cases, and for so long… I fear the willingness of our courts to so systemically and systematically act with such disregard for the rules and the rights of defendants may even indicate the courts knowing complicity in the fraud and theft. Such a stench in the nares of Lady Justice. That scares the living XXXX out of me. Justice cannot effectively be dispensed if the rules don’t apply to all parties, and at all times, or when contrary evidence is willfully and intentionally suppressed and disregarded. A Court of Law is the last bastion of protection for victimized people. If we can no longer look to our courts for justice, and for protection from bullies, then we will, out of necessity, have to find it for ourselves. That also scares the living XXXX out of me. Lisa and Michael, you both have my deepest respect and admiration, and I dare to say even my undying affection. The work you have done, and continue to do, is of the most vital importance. I would also like to express thanks and gratitude to Paola Iuspa-Abbott. Giving voice and coverage to these issues, which she has done on numerous occasions, is also of vital importance. Surely as more layers of these frauds and more numbers of these thefts occur, as more of these substandard and constitutionally violative court proceedings unlawfully steamroll over defendants, depriving them of that most important of basic necessities – shelter – media across the country MUST AWAKEN from their cognitive dissonant day dreams and begin to inform the public of the travesties that have supplanted justice. Most sincerely, Stupendous Man – Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny

Linda said: The Florida Bar should do something about the Rocket Docket Court and the fact that the Senior Judge did not take time to hear the lawyers and the homeowners. This is violation of our Constitutional Right for day of court.

TNL said:This is a great article that brings to the forefront the battle that many are fighting quietly while they are suffering in depression and despair. Never were people told that their home’s Mortgages would be traded as Bonds on Wall Street and then Hedged against default 20 to 30 times using companies such as AIG for the Hedge. It was a gamble with the American Economy that paid off very well for the Goldman Sacs, JP Morgans, Wells Fargo, etc of the World. After profiting from the trading of the AAA Bonds,they further exploited the system and were made whole on their Hedges with the help of Timothy Geither, Hank Paulson, Ben Bernake and other high level officials while the hard working Americans were used as their pawns. Many people’s homes have lost up to seventy percent of their value during this debacle. Lisa and Mike are to be commended for all of the hard work and countless hours that they have worked to help unearth and expose the corruption and fraud that has and is now still taking place during this terrible and pre planned transfer of wealth and dignity. The Politicians and the Wall Street Fat Cat “Bankers” should be ashamed of themselves for the tragedy they have imposed on the American public.

Ronald Scott Kaniuk said:As a foreclosure defense attorney in South Florida, and with partners in the Tampa area, we hear lots of the same horror stories described in this article. Michael and Lisa are helping all of shine a light on the problems, but the legislature and judiciary have been slow to help find solutions. And the lack of information–and the amount of misinformation–is unbelievable.

Tammy said:
It is because of Lisa, Michael, and all the outspoken activist that these issues are finally being recognized by others, including our judicial system. When our elected officials turn a deaf ear to all the complaints that have been filed who else will listen and produce results of these situations – only those that are experiencing this kind of situation. Our desire truly comes from frustration. There are thousands of families that are being victimized by the accounting ‘errors’ of a mortgage servicing company, threatened with foreclosure, and then are (sometimes) wrongfully evicted from their homes due to fabricated documents that are submitted to our courts by foreclosure mills. These hard working Americans are forced to take their families to the streets. I know, we are one of those families. I have gained much knowledge and support from others that have been wronged by this crisis. I, too, rallied in Tallahassee, and I also am fighting for my home. No, we are not ‘deadbeat’ homeowners. We were not in default. Our servicer not only messed up our account by applying payments where they should not have been, they even advised us to NOT make payments. This was after they charged us escrow for our non escrowed account – not once — twice! Then came the foreclosure papers. I believe we have fabricated documents in our case. Yet, at this time, I am unable to secure proper representation. Mainly due to the lack of knowledge that our local lawyers have on this crisis. We are currently Pro Se, but are considering cashing in our retirement annuity to hire a lawyer. Why and how did this come to where we are. All we wanted to do was raise our family in a loving home and enjoy our lives. Now, we are living a life of despair and unbelievability of why our government will not help to stop this. I was taught to be a moral and ethcal person. I have lived my life that way. Yet, to be wronged by big banking institutions and their greed, what am I to do? It is hard to walk into a court room or judge’s chambers and try to tell him/her why you should not be foreclosed upon when the courts will only give you 10 minutes or less for your hearing. Thank you to Lisa, Michael, and ALL activists and homeowners that are speaking out. Keep speaking!!!

Matthew Weidner said:
Lisa, Michael and the Daily Business Review deserve our sincere thanks and gratitude for continuing to shine the light on the tragedies that are playing out in our courtrooms every day across this state. This is a national tragedy that threatens to destroy the very core of our nation. To all involved…keep up the great work.

Susan Kerr said: I have a foreclosure in Volusia County and the Judge allowed a telephone conversation with the lawyers even after I sent a motion to object due to my right to face my accuser. The Judge denied my Motion to Dismiss against Florida Default Law Group who also submitted an affidavit. I also sent a letter received from the servicer stating who the owner of my loan was which did not match the plaintiff in my case. I have filed all my documents directly to the judge’s chambers but apparently he also doesn’t honor our rights nor the laws. Thank you for all you do. Any suggestions would be appreciated. S. Kerr

Robyn Singer said: The work that Lisa Epstein and Micheal Redman are doing is a huge public service. The average person, myself included, knows that Florida has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. I had now idea there were so many shady practices going on against the homeowner. This article is very informative, and I will be passing it on to homeowners in foreclosure situations. Thank you Lisa and Michael.

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LINK – Housing Meltdown – Grassroots effort leads to attorney general probe




9 Responses to “Comments Posted to Our Daily Business Review Article on The Housing Meltdown”
  1. Grady says:

    I have been thinking about this lately. There is no question that our Judicial system is broken and fundamental rights and the rule of law are being ignored in many Courtrooms. Personally I believe that the “fix is” in. I believe that there will be a series of DCA rulings that “solve” the problems the Plaintiffs have with assignments, endorsements, etc., clearing they way for the fraud to be swept under the table. I believe the Florida Bar, and many Judges, are complicit in this effort, providing cover for the fraudsters. They know that few have the funds to appeal and those that do, will just be blown out, creating additional case law to “clean up” the problems as we saw in the recent DCA ruling. I really doubt, especially with McCollum’s loss that the AG office will really do much.

    What do you think of organizing ongoing demonstrations in front of our Courthouses, naming names, and handing out copies of the fraudulent documents? What about demonstrations in front of the foreclosure mills and the Plaintiff’s’ branches? What about filing criminal complaints against the mills and Plaintiffs that resort to creating and filing fraudulent documents and the signers and creators of these documents for fraud? What about attempting to recall Judges that ignore the fraud, the FRCP, and the rules of evidence? What about a massive letter writing campaign to the newspapers, the legislators, major media, etc?

    I personally think that filing complaints with the Florida Bar and the AG office may result in little more than lip service. I have come to believe that the foxes are watching the hen house.

    The civil rights movement was successful because they marched even when denied permits, had sit-ins at lunch counters, refused to sit on the back of the bus.

    I think that now is the time to bring every effort to bring attention to what is occurring in Florida and across the nation before the DCAs create a body of precedent law that will further erode the rule of law and the Constitutional rights of Defendants to due process.

    Somehow, we must bring the attention of the national media and their investigative resources to bear on exposing “the end justifies the means” form of “justice” that is occurring in many Courtrooms today.

    With the foundation Lisa and Michael have laid, with their knowledge and contacts, they are the perfect one to organize such an effort. If such an effort could be mounted, we all need to devote the time to be willing foot soldiers. I know I will be. What do you guys think?

  2. Garen Waddell says:

    It fascinates me how “We the Sheeple” are guffawed by this foreclosure debacle. This is nothing new in our court system when the Good Ole Boys Club thumb their noses at us and continue on with their business as usual. Reminds me of the childhood fable of The Emperor’s New Clothes (Close?). In that case, all it took was one small child to say, “Hey, he ain’t got nothing on! He’s naked!”. So much for happy endings of fairy tales.

    I commend these two and others like them who have taken up the banner for the fight, but the problem is systemic and will not be rectified after the fact. We can scream “NAKED” forever and it won’t matter. What does matter is the threat of job-loss to our Political Leaders. They dropped the ball and are accountable. Wake up America and join in to take back our Republic.

  3. ian sopko says:

    I have come to the conclusion that,until every securitized mortgage has been foreclosed, this litany of horrors will not stop. Then,they, whoever they are, can begin anew with a fresh slate. Supposedly.

  4. Grady says:

    EF, You wrote…”Those of you thinking of going Pro Se, DON’T. Get a recommendation from Lisa or Michael. The game is rigged!” That’s great advice however for many Pro Se Defendants, there is no other choice. The fraudsters know this and take full advantage of this reality as they perpetrate their fraud, often under the”blind eye” and in many cases, the complicity of the Court. Therein lies the problem. Regards

  5. I commend all the people for their hard work. I’ve gone full circle from being one of the top 3rd party mortgage collectors nationally for NARS(National Asset Recovery Services, Inc.) to now being a “DEADBEAT” for the way I have to pay my bills.

    I can show verifyable proof that no AMOUNT OF MONEY is good enough to stop these theives here in MO. There’s 50 states, their not much united for the GOOD of the every day AMERICAN trying to make a difference. A legitimate banker with the right to sell a valid product is all that is needed. Whether it be mortgage notes, gold, or currency. Yet you can’t get them to do proper business. In any other state it seems I would of gotten help. Geez a valid banking product and 5 days til money moves. Think it can happen? NOT ON YOUR LIFE!

    I sure hope they nail these guys to the wall! Shapiro & Stern. I’d sure like to be there and provide my evidence. Paycheck stubs, contracts, proof of bankers waiting to do proper business even legitimate attorneys. Yet all most of us find is an impartial and biased judge who wouldn’t believe what I have to tell them. Totally shut down for attempting to making sure this nightmare doesn’t happen.

    Instead of promoting fairness and a chance to succeed its let me provide this amount of fraud. Let me let your attorney lie to you w/o no reprcussions. Let me DENY you a fair chance at a good livelihood. There is no justice for all. Not when there’s the banking cartel we have in place in charge. Get them all out! Vett them do background checks for NOV. Whose REALLY willing to WORK for FREE for the good of this country? I have. To no end. Yet all I get for always attempting to do right is nothing but an OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE! It’s very disheartening when no one will listen or help. Or is tired of listening. For everyone that doesn’t have a way to help I came up with a really good way yet here we are!

    I’ll still be fighting regardless of who cares! I’ll pray they start putting the REAL CRIMINALS BEHIND BARS! To not be given the opportunity to defend yourself is disheartening. To have your own attorney lie about you and to you is as well. It would be different if they didn’t get by with lying about the right to sell mortgage notes for one of the largest banks in the world. They know this! They know exactly what their doing and have done. Yet no one has to answer for keeping corrupt judges on the bench. If they don’t do their job get them outta here!

    I’d sure like to be paid what a judge is paid to STEAL! Maybe someone needs to investigate why all states aren’t going after these losers is beyond me. I guess the CORRUPTION PAYS WELL!

    God bless everyone going thru this nightmare! We need someone to BELIEVE IN. Most everything we’ve been taught to believe in has been oblivated. We’re lucky so far there’s NOT OUTRIGHT WAR IN OUR STREETS!

  6. Equity Free says:

    A huge heartfelt thank you to Lisa and Michael for exposing this unknown practice of making up fraudulent documents and rocketing them through summary judgments. We always thought we would have our day in court. Those of you thinking of going Pro Se, DON’T. Get a recommendation from Lisa or Michael. The game is rigged! David J. Stern and the other foreclosure mills have an enormous head start on us. They have the largest banks in the country as clients and the courts do not want to hear the borrower’s side. Now, armed with the knowledge these 2 have exposed we need to spread this to friends, family, people on the street, and neighbors. Our economic malaise is directly linked to this mortgage foreclosure fraud which coincides almost to the day of the 2 year anniversary of the meltdown.

    In Solidarity,

  7. Grady says:

    Thank you to Lisa and Michael as well as all of the other brave foreclosure fighters out there. I have been fighting a foreclosure for almost two years. I have experienced many of the things mentioned in the article first hand. The Plaintiffs and the fraudsters that represent them are being allowed to get away with behavior that would land a Defendant in jail. Lawlessness prevails in many of our Courtrooms. The system is broken and many of the “officers of the Court” have thrown the Constitution, the Rule of Law, The FRCP, justice, and due process on the trash heap. Fraud by the Plaintiffs and the con artists that represent them is rampant and unchecked. The reality is many of our Courts are operating as if Florida is a non-judicial state with the Judges just “applying the rubber stamp and their blessings” as they grant summary judgment. On a broader scale, the “fix is in” and I believe that we will see broader and broader ruling by the Appellate Courts in an attempt to “cover-up” the truth. Our only hope is to bring this travesty to the attention of nation or a series of class action suits. The Florida Bar is worthless and is simply providing cover for the fraudsters. Have filed FIVE valid complaints with the Florida Bar concerning ethical violations and violations of the FRCP and all were simply blown off. Again, thank you to all those that are fighting the good fight.

  8. John says:

    Great article and work to help us all.

    One thing I never see discussed that affects so many is:
    Looking ahead, whenever you paid your home loan (according to your agreement with the original company) off regardless of how many years you agreed to pay monthly or by making a lump sum for the balance, who would send you the original note marked paid in full? Who even has it?
    Wouldn’t it be tragic if you paid as agreed and someone you didn’t even know existed said you still owed some nunber of yeras more!
    Its very important to know who has the original note and not a replacement with how many changes.

  9. Lori Bangor says:

    Excellent article about two amazing people who so graciously give up their time working tirelessly for the “UNDERDOG”. Their efforts, together with several fine Defense attorneys, have resulted in a local defense bar that is knowledgable about the issues and vocal in our opposition to the “rocket docket”. Many of us are taking these “kangaroo court” cases to the appellate courts and this publicity is critical in educating the appellate judges about the travesties that are taking place in our trial courts. We must keep fighting this battle until the Rules of Evidence and the Rules of Civil Procedure mean something in our court rooms again. Thank you Lisa and Michael for all you do and thank you Ms. Iuspa-Abbot for shining a light on the dark and dirty business of foreclosure in Florida.

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