KABOOM – Remote Controlled Bomb Found in Foreclosed Home?

Possible Remote-Controlled Bomb Found Inside Foreclosed Home | WBNS…

Excerpts from the report…

GALLOWAY, Ohio — Residents were evacuated from their homes on Monday morning after a suspicious package was found inside a vacant home.

The package was found inside a home in the 400 block of Impartial Lane, during a home inspection, 10TV’s Andy Hirsch reported.

Investigators with the Columbus Division of Fire Bomb Squad spent several hours on the scene trying to determine what was in the package and why it was inside the home, Hirsch reported.

SLIDESHOW: Images From Report

The bomb squad detonated the device shortly before 11 a.m. No injuries were reported.

Home inspector Rick Schaffer found the device in the garage and took a picture of it.

Investigators said there was a wire leading from the phone to the device, Hirsch reported.

They said it was possible that someone may have set the device up so they could detonate it from a remote location.

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They really lucked out…



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