Action Alert – The “Press” Wants Stories from Homeowners who are Facing Foreclosure Involving Beth Cottrell and Jeffrey Stephan

Anyone who is facing foreclosure judicial or non-judicial that has issues with either Cottrell or Stephan contact me now…


Families that would be willing to talk about their situations.

1. Have had documents in their cases signed by Jeffrey Stephan or Beth Cottrell
2. Went into foreclosure after Dec. 2007
3. Have seen document errors in their case on papers signed off by Stephan or Cotrell.

Let’s kick em while they are down, just like they did to you…



10 Responses to “Action Alert – The “Press” Wants Stories from Homeowners who are Facing Foreclosure Involving Beth Cottrell and Jeffrey Stephan”
  1. JohnL says:

    Foreclosure was initiated in spring 2008 after 2 months behind on payments while hospitalized for emergency surgery. On the 3rd late payment month, a check equivalent to 2 months mortgage was mailed to GMAC/Homecoming Financial and requested loan mod for loss of incomedue to medical reason. Check paid was not encashed but held in abeyance. While waiting for Loan mod application, uncashed check was returned after 30 days in their possession and foreclosure initiated by law firm signed by Jeffrey Stephan on free standing piece of paper attached to the foreclosure legal papers. Loan modification approved with added fees, interest and other legal charges totalling almost $27,000 for 6 months late payment, protested and appealed by letter, that excessive charges be removed from approved loan mod. GMAC did not respond at all in writing while sheriff scheduled auction which was apparently cancelled without legal notification. Appeal to remove excessive charges fell on deaf ears and did not merit any written response or phone call until the house was foreclosed for the second time due to non acceptance of trumped up charges increasing the loan balance by more than $37,000 on the second foreclosure filing by same law firm and similar attestation of Jeffrey Stephan on truthfulness of loan balance.

  2. lvent says:

    How about Patricia Picard from Chicago Title and Trust who is and escrowee for Chicago Title and also an Illinois Notary Public???…you can’t be both…that is a prohibited criminal act to be a witness to documents if you are a party to the transaction…as well as a breach of fiduciary duty…

    • lvent says:

      and the bank attorney told me the loan file was never delivered to the trust…there is no trust…or trustee for the trust.. he is admitting to massive fraud because the note is unendorsed.!!! The bank attorney told me the allonge is the assignment!!! What a dirty liar!!

  3. Chris Monto says:

    How about Nura Nadarevic, Jeanni Lowry, Margaret Dalton from JP Morgan Chase? They are flying under the radar. Nadarevic signed affidavits in 2009 and I have obtained a Chase document that shows she did not have authorirty to sign until 2010. She has signed as officer for MERS and Chase.

  4. Mario Consuegra says:

    I have bogus affidavit as to amounts owed signed by Beth Cotrell for Chase Home Finance LLC dated May 4th, 2009. That was the second affidavit. The first affidavit was for reasonable attornets fees on May 13th, 2009 signed by Lisa Cullaro and notarized by Erin Cullaro.

  5. JamesForeclosure says:


  6. JamesForeclosure says:

    Hey, what about John Kennerty!!!! Guy has more jobs than a chicken can lay eggs in one month!

  7. G Hawes says:

    I have Beth Cortrell and Chase Home Finance who has filed a foreclosure on me. She (?) notarized the assignment after the summons. We need a class action on Chase.

  8. foreseeyer says:

    When can we have roast for (Chase’s?) MARGARET DALTON and BARBARA HINDMAN?

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