Kristine Wilson – Robo Signer Part Deux – Ally’s GMAC Unit Withdraws Foreclosure Affidavits Signed by Second Employee

The Washington Post is loving this stuff…

We are providing and they are reporting…

Funny how we have been screaming this for about a year now and no one would listen until GMAC made their announcement last week.

Letters to every regulating agency went ignored, letters to the Florida Supreme Court, the Florida Bar, and even our local courts, with plenty of documented proof, dismissed…

When this all unfolds, the questions to our “leaders” to why they did not act when they were full aware of the issues, which are not just affidavit “technicalities”, should be interesting to say the least…

Anyway, we are now seeing Wilson’s affidavits being pulled in mass just like the Stephan Affidavits…

I am also getting reports that affidavits are being pulled everywhere from multiple robo signers across the board..

I will have those documents on Monday. (Hint – Initials WC, CT, SS and more)

But for today, Kristine Wilson…

Ally’s GMAC unit withdraws foreclosure affidavits signed by second employee

Was Kristine Wilson another “robo-signer”?

Attorneys for homeowners in Florida say Ally Financial’s GMAC mortgage unit has begun to withdraw affidavits submitted in support of foreclosures that were signed by a second employee. Like Jeffrey Stephan–the document processor who admitted in sworn testimony that he signed 10,000 documents a month without reviewing them–Kristine Wilson signed as a “limited signing officer” for GMAC.

In a request to withdraw an affidavit listing debts owed by a homeowner that was signed by Wilson in a Palm Beach County Circuit Court case, lawyers for GMAC say that “information in the affidavit may not have been properly verified.”

The attorneys said, however, that the “amounts reflecting the indebtedness contained therein” . . . “were believed to be correct when filed.”

Ally, which is majority-owned by the U.S. Treasury Department, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Yep, I would say she was…

This sure is fun…

(promise to stop using mouse so much, couldn’t help myself)

You can check out the withdrawal notice and the affidavit below…



FDLG Admits to Violation of Professional Conduct Code Kristine Wilson Affidavits GMAC
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Wilson Affidavit as to Amounts Due and Owing
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10 Responses to “Kristine Wilson – Robo Signer Part Deux – Ally’s GMAC Unit Withdraws Foreclosure Affidavits Signed by Second Employee”
  1. PJ says:

    Your graphics are great…. the laughing mouse always provides for a good giggle!!! Keep it up!!

    And god bless for all the fantastic work you all are doing!

  2. housemanrob says:

    This is funny stuff why…………….because it is ridiculous and stupid? Think of the overall scheme and the DEVESTATING affects on south florida and the rest of yhe country. These punks, banksters and lawyers and their henchmen, god help any judges involved, if there are any, but one must deliberate, it is fairly unfolding like there was a major scandal to ROB ALL OF US until we are dirt poor. This is a far more grave and dire a situation then possibly I could ever imagine. God bless the heroes that emerge.

  3. Andrea Guice says:

    Question? Who was the Robo signer(s) for Fremont Investment & Loan?[2005,2006] Anybody got any clues? Open this pandora’s box & I betcha the evil injustice will be more exposed! Ever heard of the name > Steven K Patton?! I believe he is a missing link! Not sure the spelling, Stephen?! Paton?! & initial K?!

  4. Mike Maunu says:

    Why isn’t the same thing happening with the Chase Robo Signers?

  5. Can’t wait for the rest of your info Mr. 4closureFraud!

    I feel like a kid at ROBOS-R-US!


    • keith says:

      I have been fighting the banks for the last 4 years. I am at a critical phase of a federal lawsuit i have filed against bank of america. this press in the mainstream news media must be helping me. The judge in my case seems to have a firm grasp on the issues. I wish you the best of luck.

  6. Gold says:

    I would like to thank you in the name of the fradulent bankers victims. G-D bless you. I in my part have no resource to fight these monsters but if you help me as how I can contact the washington post. my story will bring a lot of frauds and will help most of Northern Californians.I am also planning to write to Attorney General if I can get help how to write a formal complaints. Thank you and G-D bless.

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