CNBC – Chase Announces that Affidavits Signed by PERSONS Who Did NOT Review the Files Used to Foreclose

More to come as soon as I get more…

LINK – GMAC, You Ain’t the Only One – Full Deposition of Beth Cottrell Chase Home Finance – Robo-Signer Extraordinaire


LINK – Two Original “WET INK” Notes Discovered in Same Foreclosure Case – Beth Cottrell JPMorgan Chase Team – 18,000 Documents a Month!


LINK – Beth Cottrell, Chase Home Finance Robo-Signer Extraordinaire – Motion for Sanction of Dismissal WITH Prejudice


LINK – Re-Introducing Angela Nolan of JP Morgan Chase – Another form of Robo Signer – AutoPen


7 Responses to “CNBC – Chase Announces that Affidavits Signed by PERSONS Who Did NOT Review the Files Used to Foreclose”
  1. factfather says:

    Every foreclosure has an assignment and affidavit by robo-signer and robo-notary. This must be “The them” of class action suit for fraud!

  2. MANY THANKS LISA E AND MICHAEL, and the countless others who have helped so many of us to investigate and research the blatant criminality behind organized lending fraud, securities fraud and foreclosure fraud. From ALL OF US!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!

    Also, none of us should forget GLENN AUGUSTINE who is still battling alone in a Kentucky Appellate Court who confirmed Lora Hescott and LPS’s involvment in (fraudulent?) assignments so many years ago with and for so many of us. GLENN was one of the original foreclosure fighter pioneers.

    God bless you all of you!!

  3. Rob Harrington says:

    We are happy at the National WAMU Homeowners Support Group. Emails and phone calls are flying across the country! 🙂

    Now we are going to work even harder to put ALL corporate criminals in Jail and seek restitution for our qualified homeowners!

    Rob Harrington

    WE are just only beginning!

    • Jan says:

      FYI – Chase’s contract to takeover WAMU stated that they had the option to sell back mortgages/assets to FDIC. SO, did Chase really buy any mortgages at all? Let’s see, they “paid” $1.83 Billion for $300 Billion in assts with “money” they got from TARP bailout (taxpayers money). Then took over servicing and now claim they “own” mortgages and notes so they can foreclose and steal our homes. These banksters should ALL go to jail. We can NOT let them get away with it. They have ALL been paid by the insurance policies on the mortgages. This heist is being sheltered by the politicians that run the banking committee, et al. They ALL know what is going on and are doing nothing to stop the theft of American families wealth and homesteads. It is absolutely outrageous that MILLIONS of Americans are being kicked out of their homes, who have paid into the fraudulent tax system and this is our “benefit”!
      Time for revolution (peaceful) and to sue the crap out of all of them and their co-conspirators – the attorneys and judges too!

      Revoke their power of attorney and rescind your signature on the note and mortgage. I believe you have 3 years AFTER receiving a copy of the signed note, to rescind. If you never received a DUALLY signed copy, you have 3 years from the time you receive it to rescind. RESPA/ TILA

  4. Equity Free says:

    I have been sending emails to “Squawk on the Street” for a while now, and today pointed out the fraudulent documents in GMAC/ALLY . Wall Street created a market for these toxic products, and without a market for them this boom in housing, and resulting crash would have been minimal . The heat is on , they now are feeling the pain and suffering by the slow down in volume in equities, options, bonds , ect . People around the world know their products are defective and toxic, its time they get a taste of their own coolaid . They thought that if they rushed through foreclosures and put the properties back out there in the market it would correct , thus the low interest rates . They were wrong again , refi’ apps down again . Old saying around cars , “You can’t polish a turd”
    works on Wall Street also . Keep up the good work everyone , we have some momentum here, keep rocking the boat .



  6. Mark anaya says:

    just sent a reporter proof of 2 other lenders also using Robo-signers

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