Foreclosure Fraud CNBC Video – JPMorgan Chase to Delay Foreclosures

Here we go again!!!

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LINK – GMAC, You Ain’t the Only One – Full Deposition of Beth Cottrell Chase Home Finance – Robo-Signer Extraordinaire


LINK – Two Original “WET INK” Notes Discovered in Same Foreclosure Case – Beth Cottrell JPMorgan Chase Team – 18,000 Documents a Month!


LINK – Beth Cottrell, Chase Home Finance Robo-Signer Extraordinaire – Motion for Sanction of Dismissal WITH Prejudice


LINK – Re-Introducing Angela Nolan of JP Morgan Chase – Another form of Robo Signer – AutoPen


12 Responses to “Foreclosure Fraud CNBC Video – JPMorgan Chase to Delay Foreclosures”
  1. debbie says:

    good stuff… I am going to court 3/10/11, Chase has filed an unlawful detainer on me. I have been complaining since aquiring my loan in Aug 2007…they lied…bait and switch…how can someone who makes 42,000 per year qualify for a 476,000 loan? I had a 52,000 cash downpayment…that’s how! The loan they promised me, and what I received are in no way similar(not ev en slightly) the payment I was expected to make was 3304.00 interest only ( my gross was 3300.00) FRAUD PURE AND SIMPLE!

  2. Grady says:

    If anyone is interested is seeing an example of the level of fraud that J.P. Morgan/Chase and the Florida Default Law Group, P.L. is willing to and has perpetrated, take a peek at this bogus, manufactured, assignment that they “created” and filed in a foreclosure case as well as in the public records. Filing and recording a fraudulent document in the public records is a crime and so is fraud on the Court.!/photo.php?pid=27896&id=100000948046633&ref=fbx_album

  3. Grady says:

    So now we have two major lenders admitting that their employees and the fraudsters that represent them, have quite possibly and probably, (actually have as we all know) committed fraud on the Court and perjured themselves.

    Where are the criminal prosecutions? Where are the dismissals with prejudice? Where are the sanctions?

    We all know that they will just withdraw the fraudulent documents and refile new ones and it will all blow over, business as usual in the kangaroo courts.

  4. incognito123 says:

    No widespread problem here now….. hmmmmm…..this has more stink than the worst foul smelling landfill next to a sewer plant.

  5. Capt. Jack says:

    A sliver of America is waking up and are preparing to board The Dartmouth, Eleanor, and Beaver once again.

  6. Kat Christie says:

    Wow!! My mortgage was “owned” by both Chase AND GMAC!! And there are 2 mortgage companies that are both saying they hold first lien **grin** I hope Alex calls me soon!!

  7. Hans Johns says:

    Anything that can clog these fraud infested foreclosure mills is great in my view. However, in non-judicial foreclsoure states, let’s not let the relatively minor “error” overshadow the real issues: Where’s the note?; Who’s got standing?; what is this piece of toilet paper you’re calling a Trustee Deed anyway?

  8. housemanrob says:

    All I can say that this is finally “A HAPPENING” to me. This makes me smile because there are now MULTIPLE stories on “MULTIPLE” crooks, identities specifically undetermined, being exposed by major media. YYYIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  9. Tim Barker says:

    This is our chance to put the nail in the coffin, nows the time to fight and fight hard while people are listening, now is the time. Whatever you have tried to do in the past to get your story out and you got no response, i urge you to send you stories to everyone you can, send it to the local and national media, send it in mass, they are listening now, we must not go away and think we won, we didnt win, KEEP FIGHTING, throw the same punches over and over, eventually we will beat it in. The press is so happy to have something new and interesting to report, this is a mess of a story that will uncover new frauds and abuses every other hour, KEEP FIGHTING.

  10. Capt. Jack says:

    JP Morgan will need a new name…something warm and friendly like “ALLY”. Ooops already taken.

  11. Capt. Jack says:

    No way! You’re kidding! What’s the deal with all this messed up paperwork?

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