Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to State Judicial Department – Freeze ALL Home Foreclosures for 60 Days

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Connecticut Attorney General’s Office

Press Release

Attorney General Asks CT Courts To Freeze Home Foreclosures 60 Days Because Of Defective Docs

October 1, 2010

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today asked the state Judicial Department to freeze all home foreclosures for 60 days because of defective document filings and institute measures to assure the integrity of future filings.

Blumenthal made the request after a second bank, JP Morgan Chase, acknowledged filing defective foreclosure documents. Like GMAC/Ally, JP Morgan admitted that so-called “robo-signers” signed affidavits without verifying the information in them. The GMAC robo-signer said under oath that he signed 8,000 to 10,000 foreclosure affidavits a month while a robo-signer for JP Morgan testified to spending less than two minutes on each affidavit.

Blumenthal is investigating GMAC/Ally and JP Morgan, as well as whether other banks may have engaged in similar practices.

Submitting defective documents is a possible fraud upon the court, potentially undermining foreclosures and underlying mortgages.

“This freeze should stop a foreclosure steamroller based on defective documents and enable effective remedies,” Blumenthal said. “The actions of GMAC/Ally and JP Morgan are inexcusable, a possible fraud on the court undermining the integrity of the legal process and consumers’ ability to fight foreclosures. Banks that lured consumers into loans they couldn’t afford now seek to stampede them into foreclosure. We must stop this runaway foreclosure train, restoring proper procedure and property owner rights.

“The Judicial Department should take additional measures — including requiring signers to state the basis for verifying information in affidavits — to restore the integrity of foreclosure documents. This appalling practice must be stopped before it poisons the legal system and unfairly evicts families from their homes.”

SOURCE: Connecticut Attorney General


4 Responses to “Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to State Judicial Department – Freeze ALL Home Foreclosures for 60 Days”
  1. Equity Free says:

    Call, write, fax, and email every elected person on registration card, mayors, than state and federal reps.
    Over load the Fl Supreme court switch boards for their lack of morals . Ask McCullum for a status check, and ask him if they lack any evidence, By now he knows its called a rocket docket for their swiftness . The verdict is in already with their admission of fraudulent documents : Judges to waste no time here, So I say they quote the PB judge and start with ” I have heard it all before and regardless its 15 to life , no 25 to life with no early parole . Next group, keep it moving …” . They can use the known robo signers to do the docs , no training needed and that will be their community hours in lieu of jail time , Justice
    Kidding aside we need to really let it be heard, because they are right now working on a exit plan to escape the law, and continue this insane practice . This opportunity will last only a short time .
    Thank You All

  2. foreseeyer says:

    60 days? Is this like a sales tax holiday? How about free federal aid to perform mortgage loan audits checking for lender fraud and also pay the homeowners legal expenses for years to come?

    The whole program is an Abuse of Process on the homeowner and a Fraud on the Courts against the citizens and taxpayers.

  3. Alina says:

    HELLO – Mr. Bill McCollum, where are you????

    To the Florida Supreme Court – so you say this is out of your jurisdiction, huh???? The power is in your hands to do the right thing – do it. Issue a moratorium, come on now, you can do it.

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