Video – Attorney Signatures – The Next Fraud Battle Ground

Foreclosure Deposition Clip


Witness = Goldbeck, McCafferty & McKeever corporate designee pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 30(b)(6)
Date = 9/21/10
Individual sitting as the designee = Gary McCafferty
Trial Lawyer = Patrick J. Loughren

Well well well…

The video above is an actual deposition where an attorney just recently admitted to frauds we have know about for a while.

Even though I have know this has been going on, every rabbit whole I look down has a surprise.

The fraud in this crisis is so massive that I do not believe there is an area that has not been affected.

We have seen it at every level.

Next area of attack, attorney signatures.

Another example from Matt Weidner’s Blog…

Attorney Signatutes- The Next Fraud Battle Ground

The Florida Rules of Civil Procedures require that all pleadings filed in a case be signed by a licensed Florida attorney.  I have started to examine files and am becoming increasingly suspicious that this important rule is not being followed by the foreclosure mills.

I am therefore starting to examine all my pleadings closely and I encourage each of you to do the same.  Ultimately I would like to build a database of these signatures to compare, so for those of you out there that are spending time looking at court filings, please start examining the signatures and making a cut and past document similar to the one I attach below.

My first example of gross irregularities in the signature of an attorney who makes filings in a court case comes from Ohio.  The document was prepared by a reader of this blog and it comes from an Ohio foreclosure mill attorney.  Please look at the sheet. There really is no commentary necessary regarding whether these were signed by the same person….

Given what we know about the foreclosure mills and their operations (particularly the offshore components of their practice) I cannot imagine that they are following this rule. (I mean the violate every other rule)

You can read more about Matt’s excellent work here…

You can also view his examples below…

This is not an isolated incident. Just look at the documents on any file and you will see the attorneys signature is hardly ever the same…



Foreclosure Fraud – Attorney Signatures – The Next Battle Ground
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6 Responses to “Video – Attorney Signatures – The Next Fraud Battle Ground”
  1. John says:

    Here’s an idea……make your mortgage payment that you agreed to.

  2. Mimirayo says:

    he filings in my case the attorney “signature” is a stamp! I have looked at a number of documents signed by the same attorney (who signs as often as a robosigner) and they are EXACT matches.. Noone…no matter how they sign their name can hold the signature line of documents they sign up to a light and get a perfect match on every signature.

  3. liz says:

    Thanks for bringing this all to light……I noticed that the Plaintiff in my own foreclosure case did not have standing…..because they filed an assignment after the fact (signed by the same person on behalf of two different companies) but then looked up the “security” and none of the alleged Plaintiffs (even the assigned ones) owned the security as they sold it a year and a half before the lawsuit……

  4. housemanrob says:

    dDon’t these sigs look alike. @#, %#, &*,%(, @(……….. look good to me!…

    • Maria Streeter says:

      Keep it up guys….I have somedifferent signatures for people on different assignments, but not attorneys. I would like to know if the attorney who signed my FCL was a real signature. I have an illegal assignment, illegal affidavit of owing and the judge did not even care in Palm Beach County. Would not even look at it.

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