Foreclosure Fraud – The Shit Hit the Fan Letter to the Banks from Congress

Looks like it is time for some indictments!


Shit Hit the Fan Letter to Banks
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4 Responses to “Foreclosure Fraud – The Shit Hit the Fan Letter to the Banks from Congress”
  1. Colleen Soetebeer says:

    Thank you for all your hard work.

    I do have a comment/question.

    Are these signatures above the same signatures that voted yay for H.R. 3808 that the President used a “Pocket Veto”? If so, this letter is nothing more than a cover up for their own crimal acts along with the banksters.

    Just my thoughts.

  2. Cecelia Ott says:

    These latest revelations regarding document frauds in all their forms just go to prove once again that the bad guys are always ahead of the posse. Jesse James and the Sun Dance Kid were always trying to outrun the law. The bank fraudsters and the illegal enterprises surrounding the mortgage fraud industry thought and still may think that they are going to win.

    The “sudden” acute reactions by state and federal government officials also go to prove that government does not react unless there is a crisis and/or unless the upcoming elections have enough of them scared.

    When will the shoe fall for other mortgage fraudsters including Wells Fargo? My case is a twin to the NY Schack case. Same time. Same parties, Argent Mortgage, Ameriquest, Deutsche Bank, AND BY SOME MAGICAL WAND, WELLS FARGO, with a fraudulent assignment.

    As a 70 year old pro se defendant who was suddenly widowed one year ago, I removed my case to Federal District Court from NJ Superior Court on August 26, 2010. Please pray that with all the admissions regarding fraudulent notaries and fraudulent assignments, and lack of standing in the courts, that the Federal District Judge in Trenton will do exactly what Judge Schack did, send Wells Fargo out of the Courtroom because it did not have standing in my csse.

    The conspiracy to defraud goes very deep and has many layers. The court cover ups also go very deep and very wide and have many layers. We must put a stop to the game of “Winkum” that exists between and among the bank fraudsters, their illegal enterprises, the large corrupt law firms which have knowingly prepared and filed false documents and the courts which have simply turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to the law, in all too many instances.

    Now, we are all aware that one of the next great waves is that of Title Fraud, and insurance fraud backing false Titles.

    As I said, I am a 70 year-old widow trying to fight the illegalities and cover up pro se because I do not have any money. I may not win, but, with God’s help, I am going to fight the best I can in the Federal District Court in Trenton and by sending my evidence to the various States Attorney Generals, the SEC, the FBI, etc.

    May God bless our nation and may God bless you for helping us fight for our constitutional and state rights.

    Cecelia Ott

  3. Wow I am extremely impressed with what I have read regarding the foreclosure fraud that has FINALLY come to light. We are in Hawaii on the island of Kauai and we began our search for help over a yr. ago, qualifying for a loan modification per the gov. website. Chase gave us the EXTREME run around, loosing paperwork, saying they didn’t receive paperwork faxed, shifting us around from one department to another constantly. We sent everything they needed when they asked, promptly! We have logs of exactly what went on & this could be our saving grace. Fanny Mae recently took our loan back from Chase & gave it to another company (IBM) when last week Chase told us our loan modification was finally in underwriting. When my husband did his usual follow up call every other day Chase told him our home had a sale date on it. WHAT?!!!! Now we firgured it out they knew that the FREEZE was coming so now they wanted to screw with us even more. Number one we haven’t seen any documentation stating this is going to happen & how can it happen when IBM now has our loan with them? This is more than ridiculous Chase is downright evil. All these Banks need to be held accountable for mentally torturing people as well. They are crooked & we all know this. Now Obama bailed these clowns out and we are worse off than before. I say Obama has a chance to redeem himself and should punish these greedy banks. They are like puppies who if a huge bowl of food is set before them will just keep eating & eating. My husband & I have literally probably aged some over this past year that we have constantly been given the run around by Chase. If people are allowed to lie & get away with it they’ll just keep on going. Yep until they get caught & I sure as hell hope they are now finally going to be stopped! God Bless America, we need it.

    • Charlie says:

      Please Define loan, and tell me and the authorities if there has been a loan made in any mortgage. The Banks say they can correct the Notary signatures by the 15th of Oct. 2010. I guess they will just hire another Notary to lie about the fraulant signing of documents. I’m in Dallas County, Texas where the Dallas County Clerk refuses to allow citizens to file a revocation of POA into the Records but allows attorneys file a change on the deed of trust after the Mortgor has legaly replaced the Trustee and benificiary, this is a violation of the RICO ACT. Any Court or Judge that allows this is conspiring with the lender and the trustees to committ fraud and tamper with government records

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