Sen Robert Mendez – Foreclosure Fraud in New Jersey – Fuhgeddaboudit


Forget about it is like if you agree with someone, you know, like Raquel Welch is one great piece of ass, forget about it.


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Senator Menendez Sends Stern Letters to Banks, Asks for GAO Investigation

Mortgage Servicers (identical letter sent to 117 companies):

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7 Responses to “Sen Robert Mendez – Foreclosure Fraud in New Jersey – Fuhgeddaboudit”
  1. lucy says:

    Senator Menendez,

    I live in NJ, and going through foreclosure. Where the F*** were you? Hiding? Busy shopping?….
    After how many years gone by and now that it’s election time, you come out of the rabbit hole?

    What a loser !!!!
    Shame on you!!!

    too little too late



  2. Eugene Villarreal says:

    Can this website post all the Representatives and Senators who just recently voted for Interstate Recognition of Notarization Act. Then we will know who is talking from both sides of their mouths. This bill is seating on the President’s desk waiting to be signed and the public must not allow it to be passed. New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Rabner also quitely signed a similar piece of ( ?) without the residents knowledge.

  3. Donna Hubert says:

    Too tired? Can’t imagine why!! You have been a true warrior in bring this to light. I have a question, and maybe you can help?? While all of our “officials” and media are throwing punches at Wall Street, Banks, Servicers, Robo-Signers, etc… is anyone going to take the time to find out why we have so many foreclosures and do something about it?? Maybe I’m over simplifying this, BUT, after reading for months the plight of so many borrowers that have qualified and been denied, those that have as well as been given temporary and permanent modifications to only have them revoked FOR NO APPARENT REASON, WHY ISN’T THERE MORE FOCUS ON KEEPING US IN OUR HOMES AND NOT FORECLOSING AT ALL?? Wouldn’t that help stabilize the market??? I can only imagine the number of home owners that just gave up. WHY DON’T THEY START by sending in swat teams to get that mess cleaned up too????

    Thanks for listening!!

    • DebbiCat says:

      Why so many foreclosures? Here’s my guess. You take out a mortgage (and note) with Bank A.
      Bank A sells it to portfolio (mortgage-backed investors / Bank B).
      Bank A receives funds from Bank B.
      You make payments now to Bank B who in turn breaks your payment into shares for each investor in the portfolio.
      You can’t make payments anymore (loss of job, whatever).
      Bank B is required to make payments to the investors for 3 months so the investors don’t know YOU haven’t made a payment because they are still getting their payments. After 3rd month – Bank B still not getting payments from you and ramps up foreclosure because they don’t want the investors to know that YOU defaulted so they keep making payments to the investors (with investors $ they paid in the first place) on your behalf for FEAR the investors will make Bank B BUY BACK THE MORTGAGE SINCE IT’S A BAD LOAN. Bank B forecloses and now has the remaining $ from the investors + your house (asset on the books). They sell the house again to a new buyer and they get to keep the $ from the new buyer, plus have the original remaining $ from the investors and the investors are no wiser and you are living out of your car. Pretty good racket.

  4. foreclosurehamlet says:

    Get some rest tonight my friend.

    Your work is changing the world.

  5. jllsemidey says:

    Dear Mr. Menendez,

    i know it is the in thing right now, but if you do want a good letter, copy the 18 page QWR posted in Mr. Neil Garfield’s blog and that I am sure it is also posted here. the answers you get would be more revealing and probably incriminating.

    Also, why did it take you over four years to realize there was a problem the millions of families that have suffered because of this fraud had not been enough for you and your team to look seriously into the matter?

    I am thankful this is coming in at this time do not take me wrong. I am just a bit confused since you do habe a well paying job, a team of advisers, and access to more resources than any regular Joe may have in the country.

    So, please now that you started, I hope it is just not election grandstanding. I must tell you with all due respect that ” it is the mortgage fraud stupid”


    a simple Joe American

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