David J. Stern DJSP Enterprises, Inc. Announces Recent Developments

Stephen J. Bernstein, the Company’s Lead Independent Director, has been appointed as Interim Chairman of the Board of the Company. Initially, Mr. Bernstein’s role as non-executive Chairman will be a full time position as he provides Board support to the Company as it develops and executes plans to respond to recent developments impacting the Company and the industry. Mr. Bernstein replaces Mr. David J. Stern as Chairman of the Board. Mr. Stern continues in his role as Chief Executive Officer of the Company and will serve as its President.

The Company also announced the voluntary resignations of Richard Powers, as President and Chief Operating Officer, Kumar Gursahaney as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and Howard S. Burnston, as Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, each of whom joined the Company in 2010.

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4 Responses to “David J. Stern DJSP Enterprises, Inc. Announces Recent Developments”
  1. Equity Free says:

    1.60-1.35 just today, gotta love it . The suspension of foreclosure cases has adversely impacted file volumes in each of DJSP’s foreclosure, title and REO liquidation divisions. There have also been reports in the press that a number of the clients of The Law Offices of David J. Stern, P.A. have or plan to suspend new referrals to the firm pending resolution of an investigation of the law firm announced by the Attorney General of the State of Florida this past August. Maxed out LOC , follow the yacht to Roadtown . Tears for Cheers .

  2. Michael says:

    Would type the lyrics to the song “wipeout” but you get in trouble when you put lyrics on the web. Oh yeah .. that song also doesn’t have any.

    Hey David — why’d the CFO from AIG leave? And how exactly did that $14.9 million BOA credit line get maxed out again? I never did quite understand the explanation, probably because I never recall seeing one.

  3. Kathryn L. Harper says:

    Voluntary resignations my ass, more like rats fleeing a sinking ship.

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