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Please read the attached story that was just delivered by my clients.  I want everyone to understand just how widespread and pervasive these crimes are.  Our country has gone wild and out of control.

My elderly clients who drafted this terrifying letter are terrified.  I frankly am terrified.

The banks and their thugs now own this country.  Law enforcement does not care.

Read the Letter Below:

Won’t anyone stand up and protect us anymore?  Who can we count on if law enforcement is now on the side of the criminals?

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Jack Booted Thugs

  1. Alrady says:

    What I wondered is how the police knew teh name of MICHELE…. and how the thieves did not know the name of the bank just the person MICHELE.

    The person didnt’ seem concerned at all that it could be foreclosure… most people when they know they are facing foreclosure are afraid…. and many hide waiting for paperwork… they don’t usually act as if they suspect their son had been there to pick up his stuff or something.. These people ring true

  2. RAMONA says:

    In the State of florida if you are in danger you can protect yourself.

    • erkme73 says:

      Not only do you NOT have to be in danger, you simply have to have someone who is breaking into your home, your car, or any other place you have a legal right to be. At that point the law sees the intruder as being there to do you harm (a forceable felony). It matters not that they were just leaving, or had a TV in their hands, or that they were even unarmed. You are COMPLETELY justified because they ARE there to commit a forceable felony. Just remember this expression, “I was in fear of my (family’s) life”.

  3. RAMONA says:

    how about shoot ..thats breaking and entering. With all the home invasions happening lately how do you know who is at your door? sounds like a criminal to me…sounds like a duck ,looks like a duck …must be a duck!!

  4. housemanrob says:

    I am not in foreclosure. Therefore, I will be the first to permanently put a DEAD end to this b&e bullshit. whoever tries to illegally strongarm me will be picking birdshot (and I’ve said it before) out of their backsides for years! Think I’m kidding? Somebody has to take a stand and it might as well be me. What a great path to martyrdom………wasn’t it a great american named NATHAN HALE who said ” I only regret that i have but one life to live for my country”! For the people………..does it get more heroic than that? who will stand up and be counted? Because the ANARCHY word is being used alot these days.

  5. Kurt says:

    How long until old-fashioned criminals start realizing that all they have to do is tell witnesses and cops they’re working for the bank?

  6. erkme73 says:

    There is no reference to the foreclosure status or their payment history. I wonder what the cops knew (if anything) that isn’t being told. Two sides to every story. If these lovely people were living there for 18 months without any payments (taxes or otherwise) and the bank had followed all legal requirements (doubtful, but go along with me here), then perhaps this was the eviction that the homeowners knew was coming.

    All that being said, what would have happened if the homeowner had been armed when he approached the men leaving hi home? The FL stand your ground law sees an unknown/unwelcome intruder as a criminal committing a home invasion or robber – and classifies this as a forceable felony. The self defense law permits the use of deadly force in the case of a forceable felony. Therefore the homeowner would have been fully justified to shoot the men on first sight – no questions asked. Once they were in his home, the law sees them as being there to hurt the homeowner.

  7. lucy says:

    Wild, wild west.
    We have nobody to turn to.
    Judges are corrupt, foreclosure mills, bankers, feds, government,politicians,brokers,appraisals,…..CORRUPT!

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