The Market Ticker – Get Ready For “Kentucky PerjuryFest, 2010 Edition”

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Get Ready For “Kentucky PerjuryFest, 2010 Edition”

In an awesome act Kenton County, Kentucky has enacted a general order for its court system related to foreclosures:

The order requires all foreclosure complaints in Kenton County to be accompanied by an affidavit certifying that the plaintiff is the owner and holder of the note and mortgage and identifying the plaintiff as the original holder or an assignee, trustee, or successor in interest of the original holder.

Yes, that should be good.

Kenton County foreclosure complaints must also be accompanied by a copy of the note and recorded mortgage with copies of all allonges, endorsements, and assignments necessary to document the chain of title to both the note and the mortgage.

The complaint must also include documents establishing the plaintiff as the successor in interest if any merger, change of trustee, or other transfer issue has taken place.

Oh now this one is fun.  Here comes the amusing part, especially for those notes that we know are sitting at originators – like, for example, Countrywide.

Coming to a courtroom near you in Kentucky…. (C = Counsel, DC = Douche Counsel, otherwise known as bank’s attorney, J = Judge,  W = Witless-n-****less)

C: So Ms. Jackson, you endorsed the note over to CWABS-You-R-Screwed Trust?

W: Yes.

C: And you did so on January 16th, 2006?

W: Yes

C: And you did so in your office in Calabasas CA?

W: Yes

C: What was your paycheck for the week including January 16th, 2006 from Countrywide Financial?

W: Uh, paycheck?

C: Yes.  You attested here that you were a Vice-President of Countrywide Financial on January 16th, 2006.  You were being paid to be a Vice-President, right?


J: Overruled.  The witness will answer.

W: I don’t recall

C: Isn’t it true, Ms. Jackson, that you actually worked at WalMart stocking shelves in January of 2006?


J: Overruled.  Sit down DC.  The witness will answer.

W: Uh, yeah.

C: So if you were stocking shelves, when did you sign this document?

W: Uh, last week.

C: Why did you put January 16th, 2006 on the paper as the date of your signature?

W: Uh, DC over there told me to.

C: Your honor, Respondent moves for dismissal with prejudice and award of fees and costs, as there appears to not only be no actual conveyance of anything but in addition there appears to be proof before the court that the Witness, under direction of DC, knowingly presented a false claim in order to foreclose when they had no standing as a real party at interest.

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7 Responses to “The Market Ticker – Get Ready For “Kentucky PerjuryFest, 2010 Edition””
  1. Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty - Foe of Tyranny says:

    This is a start.

    I’ll be contacting the Kenton County Circuit Court Clerk to see about obtaining a copy of this General Order. Tus far I’ve struck out finding a copy at the online site:

    Among the potentially notable omissions is that, according to what I have seen of the order, the copies of the instruments are NOT required to be certified or authenticated, thus more fabrications are possible.

  2. Linda Venturella says:

    Where the HEELL is President Obama, Our State Governors and other elected poiticians? Why are they NOT PLACING A MORATORIUM ON FORECLOSURES? Everyday I e-mail the WH, call the comment line, Call the Govs office, tell them the people want to know what they are going to do to level the playing field for THE PEOPLE VS THE BANKS. If they do not speak up soon I would have to say their intention is to LET THE REPUBLICANS WIN TO TO FINISH US ALL OFF.

  3. juicejuice11550 says:

    Thank GOD…..This is the best. They all need to go to jail and become a cellmate to Bubbabo. Thank you JESUS….

    • RAMONA says:

      Juice , Thank you Jesus is right!! and a few hard working people like 4closurefraud,hamlet and a few attornies, etc. ..God Bless them all!!

      • juicejuice11550 says:

        Yes Ramona, GOD is so so good. I’ve been praying that he expose these crooks three weeks before i discovered fraud in my own papers. And guess what he did it. I gave and still give GOD all the glory and praise because prayer is powerful and GOD still sits on the throne.

  4. SNDLYN says:

    If all courts would require this, as is legally correct, much of the injustice would be stopped in its tracks. I will be fascinated in watching what happens in Kentucky now. The foreclosure judges would likely be twiddling their thumbs all day.

    I applaud Kentucky for this move.

  5. MARIO KENNY says:

    But they do not own the note or mortgage, if you look at the PSA, you will realize that the NIMS provider also has a third party beneficial interest and the note also has duties and money for the benefit of the unknown certificate holders, actually none of the properties belong to the banks it is just a huge sham.

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