The Nation’s Most Influential Citizen Agitators Helping to Uncover and Fight Foreclosure Fraud

        (Steve Mitchell/MCT) -       Lisa Epstein and Michael Redman, shown October 7, 2010, outside the Palm Beach County Courthouse in West Palm Beach, Florida, are two of the nation 

(Steve Mitchell/MCT) – Lisa Epstein and Michael Redman, shown October 7, 2010, outside the Palm Beach County Courthouse in West Palm Beach, Florida, are two of the nation’s most influential citizen agitators helping to uncover and fight foreclosure fraud and abuse.

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I sure could use some…

10 Responses to “The Nation’s Most Influential Citizen Agitators Helping to Uncover and Fight Foreclosure Fraud”
  1. Al says:

    what happened with is down….. 🙁

  2. Christine says:

    Love, love, love it…Lisa’s trademark headscarf and scowl along with these signs are great. Keep up the good work. And where is the clip from Lisa’s CNN appearance?

  3. Now, can we finally get the rest of the nation’s activists organized?

  4. Pj says:

    The longest journey starts with the first step…those that take it know it….GB

  5. adele giulian says:

    I am so grateful for anyone that has contributed to oncovering the mess the TBTF banks and politicians have put this great country in. I have been watching a going on three year foreclosure with BOA and they continue to stall and delay it again and again. I have recently put a complaint in to the Office or the Comptroller of Currency and I am cdurrentry awaiting word from them. I seem to think the OCC may actually have some authority of the banks wrong doing. Maybe we all should contact that office. They oversea only National Banks which I believe are the biggest offenders! I am all for getting rid of the big banks and dealing only with the small community as suggested by J Glen Lowe. A big thank you also for the few foreclosure defense lawyers that are still honest and play by the rules.

  6. RAMONA says:

    I tell you they are making me fell better about things and not like i have no hope at all. lisa and micheal have givne us hope that we might be able to stay in our homes..i pray every nite for all of us being foreclosed on orhave already been foreclosed on. If it had not been for my grandchildren who live here also i would probably given up.thank god for these angels…god bless them.

  7. dee says:

    Thank you fLISA or your continued fight and for not ever giving up! I just watched your Cnbc segment. Thanks again. What I think is truly important is that we get everyone to understand the securitization process and credit default swaps. Until we get a judge out there who actually understands that with a credit default swap, they bet on the loan to go into foreclosure. When it does, there is a huge pay day…sometimes up to 30x the loan…so if its a million dollar loan, it would pay 30 million dollars in the swap. At what point is anyone going to stand up for the homeowners that are continually getting screwed over and over again. If the loan is paid off 30 fold…the homeowner gets….another fake assignment? Can’t we all bring a class action as third party beneficiaries to HAMP? Can’t we all joint together, BY BANK or trustee or servicer or whoever they are pretending to be? I really cannot believe that the FED can sit there and PRETEND all of this was not carefully orchastrated…are we really all in a coma? IS the FBI really involved with the American Bankers Association?
    Why is this so hard to expose? It ALREADY happened, theres so much information out there…it happened from 2005 on. Remember Goldman Sachs and the fraud suits filed? On top of that…It was ALL predicted…
    It was INTENTIALLY set up. The mortgages were set up to fail…how discusting is that…and then the banks and trusts and hedges bet on them to fail like shooting craps in vegas…but this was our HOMES… We the People cannot be this ignorant. They are raping the rest of the remaining carcus, they are destroying whats left of families through stress and unemployment…they DISTRACT us and we allow them to distract them….
    Can our Federal Investigators really be this bad? THEY ALL MUST BE FIRED…I bet there’s alot of people willing to do that job…I would FOR FREE!!! I didnt like accounting much in college, but I sure get a kick out of the PSA’s (Pooling and servicing agreements)and the 10k’s and 8k’s from the sec now…
    … there is some amazing information in there…since most of the pools discontinued reporting, its tricky to see what really happened after the crash began…perhaps we should ask WELLS Fargo…they seem to be getting the reports on the CTS…
    Someone please CRACK this wide open before they get their dbl repo swaps or whatever the hell that next disaster may be….
    Please-Look further everyone and take a hard look and if you look at the big picture and not your TV set, you will see what has happened to our economy and all in the name of GREED.

    When the Bankers are stealing all the money
    the justice department cannot seem to bring justice,
    the lawyers are breaking the law…

    What’s the sense of it all??

    Who can we ever trust???

    Our money states “In GOD we trust”
    What part of stealing all the money and scrapping the last of the assets from the bone..
    is GODLY??? and that’s a new discussion for a new day…
    boynto beach florida (4 now)

  8. J Glenn Lowe says:

    Keep fighting the Banksters so we can crash their “Too big to succeed” banks and start over with an economic system of local banks that actually helps communities thrive instead of sucking the life out of them – Die Banker Die – A tribute to the Wall Street Banksters that put children in the streets for power and profit. –

  9. Lit Gant says:

    Mike you are a real American. I am sending you a $50 tip. Please do not use that email address or post it. Thanks.

    Lit Gant

  10. John says:

    Great job, and she’s pretty too!

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